Elder "Screw Up" Stories

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    I know this type of thread has been done before but I am sure not all the stories were mentioned.

    Anyone have any good ones? Any elders, CO, DO, GB, etc.

  • RevMalk

    I don't know how good this one is, but my mom mentioned to me the other day that her elders told her that my DF'ing was most likely 'illegal' (whatever that means). I was baptized in a cong. that was not mine, so that I could be best man in the PO's daughter's wedding. I wasn't even attending meetings, nor field service, nor did I live in their territory. Then a couple of years later I was DF'd by a cong. I never attended, and I was not living in their territory. The two witnesses they used, I had never seen before in my entire life. But the real problem, I guess, is that the cong. my parents are in still hold my file to this day. According to them, a person can't be DF'd if the DF'ing cong. doesn't hold the publisher cards. I don't know what all that means, but it sure seems weird to me. If it was an illegal DF'ing and I knew that I could fight it and win a reinstatement, I'd do it. Just before submitting my letter of resignation Rev

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Click my bio/profile over left."Purging" yours truly over some perjured testimony and inhouse jealousy was a bad move.

  • candidlynuts

    changed my mind.. not my story to tell. but yeah theres screw up stories to be told.

  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    to Candidlynuts. stories like that are very common. the Elders are NOT allowed to tell you of someones dark past. If you need to know about someone's pass its best you go to the Publishers. I know its a contraditon, but then agian many things in the WTS are.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I thought my disfellowshipping offenses were kept private and confidential. NOT!

    One of the elders in the JC is a big mouth and solely because of him, everybody and their mother knows about it. It's simply embarrasing for me.

    Since that incident, I've never-ever have any use for elders. Ever!!!

    I was so young and dumb. Should've never told them anything at all!


  • target

    In the congregation we used to be in, there was Elder A, who was the PO and head guy for years, but when he started getting a lot of complaints, he stepped down from being PO, siting lack of time, and put a younger, sincere and well liked elder in that position. We will call him Elder B. What Elder B did not know was that he was only the "figure head" and Elder A was in as much control as ever. When a sister complained to Elder B that her confidential information was being talked about by Elder A's family in field service, Elder B tried to do something about it and got no where. He tried going to the CO, who was in Elder A's pocket and got no where. Having heard similar complaints from others by now, sincere Elder B writes to the Society for assistance with the matter. Next thing he knows, he is not the PO, he is not an elder, he does not have any priviledges, not even to comment during meetings. Now Elder C, who is arrogant and does not care about the sheep is put into the PO position and dances to Elder A's tune just fine. Elder B finally gets his priviledge but does not feel he can stay in that congregation. The problem there is that it is a small town with only one congregation. So Elder B sells his house and moves to another city some distance away. The sister who made the complaint in the first place also sells out and moves to another city.

    Meanwhile, Elder D has gotten himself into a similar situation and found out that it does not matter if it is right or wrong, it only matters if Elder A says it does, so he too sells his house and moves to another city.

    It was about this time that we started making our secret plans for the whole family to escape to another state.

    Sometimes elders screw up when they try to do the "right" thing and find out it can't be done. The "good " ones don't last. They eventually find the EXIT sign.

    Right On Target

  • roybatty

    If Elder A had the PO in his pocket and the Society listened to him to the point of removing Elder B and placing him under restrictions, then why did he step down as PO in the first place (because of a few complaints?) Just wondering.

  • target

    Roy, this was a really long time ago that Elder A decided he did not want to be PO and his wife told me that there were a lot of "nonsense" complaints and he wanted to get out of the limelight. I do not recall anymore now what the complaints were but I remember thinking at the time that they were very ligit. Like the wizard of OZ, it is easier to run things from behind the curtian. He now has things just how he wants them, sons and son-in-law are elders right along with him. He is VERY well known over a large area. Has a lot of connections. Damn I am glad to be outta there!

    Right On Target

  • cultBgone

    This could have been a fun thread....hey, we don't have cable!

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