A Manic's Biography, or, The Story of A Northern Dissender

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    Hey, I've been on the board for a while and not alot of people are familliar with my story and my life. Since I've been having sleepless nights of late, I thought I'd put it to literary use.

    Here's my XJW biography. It starts ironically, in an outhouse.

    Part One: Family Ties

    In the 1950's, a young lady in the Carribean needed to use her outhouse. In that outhouse, she found religious magazines that were placed in the outhouse. That young lady was pretty much turned off of religion because she was forced to pay alot of money to a minister to marry the man she loved. That young lady I'm talking about was my maternal grandmother.

    Later in the 1950's, her oldest daughter became baptized as a JW, and the rest of her many brothers and sisters followed. In fact, one of those brothers became a part of the legal history of their tiny 2 island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, where the courts ruled that he may be able to stay silent during the daily national anthems and prayers of the schools.

    Her oldest daughter was my mother.

    She later met a young, troubled, unbaptized publisher son of an infamous "pioneer" on that island and married him at the age of 19. She was 24.

    The young lady who got married (For this transcript, let's call her "Dinah") wasn't so young anymore. She also had wanderlust, which many people of that small Carribean island group had. For her, the islands were too small. Dinah wanted to move someplace where she would have financial security too, due to the country's economy being only one dimentional (Oil), So Dinah moved her unmarried daughters and son to Minnesota.

    At first, her oldest daughter (For this convienience's sake, let's call her "Verna") thought the move was a bad choice. Even though Verna claimed to be politically neutral, in the 60's, she was heavily influenced by the infamous radicals of that era, and because of that, she thought that moving to the USA wasn't to her liking. However, more and more of her family was moving to Minnesota, and she decided to visit there. And the first place she went was to her parent's new KH.

    Now the population of this small Carribean island group was mostly comprised of decendants of African slaves and Asian Indian migrant workers, so seeing a large amount of white people was quite a culture shock to her. But she thought that it would be no big deal because they believed that race wasn't an issue with Witnesses.

    They were set for alot of rude awakenings in their lives.

    Part 2: Childood, or something like it.

    My childhood was a very stormy childhood, filled with seperations, stressful moves, and physichal abuse and fear.

    The earliest memory I have of childhood (That I can recover without any psychological damage) is of me getting bitched out for playing at the meetings. I played with some kids in the hall, and when I played too much, I got spanked for not paying attention at the meetings. Fun. I also was a very astute kid in science. I thought the idea of god creating animals as their current form seemed like a crock, because I knew that over millions of years, animals will evolve, because everything evolves over time.

    I got spanked for stating such a thing. Not to mention too how I couldn't watch things like Ghostbusters, Smurfs, Captian Planet, Ninja Turtles, (Insert harmless cartoon here.).

    I escaped being a JW at school though. I ate birthday candy. Until a damn JW was in my 3rd grade class. For convienience's sake, I'll call her. Lesley.

    I couldn't get away with anything when she was around. I hated her like all hell, but I also had a crush on her. So I stood around her locker.

    I've had a crush on her from when I was 8 until I was 17. I'll go onto this only by request.

    More to come

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    Very interesting story so far. Please go on!


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    finish up Coldredrain.......

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    Please continue - very interested.

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    Dammit, my words got eaten.

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