Brighton - Trenton - Belleville, Ontario

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    It's been over 20 years since I laid eyes on a couple of people from this part of Canada.

    These people, even while I was still a practicing JW, were incredibly kind and loving to me.

    I don't know if these people are still JWs; if they are even living in this part of Ontario. (150-200 kms. east of Toronto)

    Name: Donaldson

    Does anyone know of them, heard of them? If so, kindly PM me.

    If not...I can only hope, like with my buddy from Maine, did this past spring: contact me after 21 years.

    If R & B remember me, or have even dared to venture here...or already do: I think about you two, everyday...never stopped.

    Thank you.


    Just giving this post, a 'back to the top'.

    One never knows if some of these folks are lurking.

    If they have left the organization, perhaps they'll find this site and see that someone is looking for them.

    Barb & Roy Donaldson (formerly of Brighton-Trenton, Ontario, Canada).

    Thinking of you two, always! May 1984, was more than 21 years ago.


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