Does the Watchtower Society resemble the ancient Jewish system of worship?

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  • truthseeker

    Jehovah, His Word, and His Organization

    Jehovah, Moses and his Chosen People

    Jehovah, The Aaronic Priesthood and his Chosen People

    Jehovah, Judges and his Chosen People

    Jehovah, Royal Line and his Chosen People

    The common theme to all of these are the name Jehovah, his Chosen People/Organization, and a MEDIATOR in the middle.

    Moses was mediator for the nation of Israel.

    When the Aaronic Priesthood was institued, this became the mediator for the Jews, the high priests performed the sacrifices in behalf of Jewish sinners

    Then you had the system of Judges, who ruled Israel for centuries - these were accountable to Jehovah, and responsible for law and order in the land.

    Later, the nation of Israel asked Samuel for a King to be ruler over them, and Saul started the royal line.

    Eventually, Jersualem was destroyed, along with the royal blood line.

    Later on, Jehovah rejected the Jewish system of worship in 70AD, and instead instituted Jesus Christ as mediator.

    Why then do Jehovah's Witnesses read, and say, the phrase, "Jehovah, His Word and his Organization"?

    They demote Christ when they leave him out of the picture.

    In many ways they worship God in the same manner as did the ancient Jews, the difference is that the mediator here is the Governing Body.

    The Society has published hundreds of books and magazines over the years, yet only one of them was dedicated to the Son of God - the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived - yet they conveniently leave the name of this greatest man off the front cover.

    On Page 2 of this book, Jesus is shown pointing the way, instead of being the Way.

    Jesus himself said, "I am the way, the truth and the man can come to the Father except through me."

    If the Watchtower really accepted and acknowledged this, their claim to be God's representatives would be invalidated, and there would be no need for their continued existence.

    Rather than accept that, they stick to the Mosaic Law, when used in cases of child abuse etc, this is what they prefer. They are almost tradition bound to the Old Testament, never mind that Jesus broke us from the curse of the Law.

    They say they are "Witnesses of Jehovah", yet Jesus said to his disciples, "You will be witnesses of ME."

    Everything said on the platform and in their life, is "Jehovah this and Jehovah that," rather than, "Jesus this and Jesus that."

    And while they claim to worship Jehovah God, they effectively bypass his means of mediation and communication.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Well, keeping in mind that the JW "history" is ever-so-slightly slanted to preview the whole Jesus thing. I think most Christian religions use the same bent. Sometimes I have to stop and think, Truthseeker, how much I understand of my "Jewish History" is colored by the JW painting of it. They take all of the Bible, mistranslate it, take it out of context, and only consult outside sources on interpretation when it suits whatever mind control tachnique they are currently practicing. The real connection between the JW "history" to which you refer is the need for the "organization" or a "channel" to God.

    Not so with the early Jews. Looking at all that leadership in the early history of the Jews as "mediation" isn't exactly Jewish. Think of some of the prominant non-priestly figures, like Jonah, Miriam, Ruth, Naomi, Esther (yeah, I know, there are more, but I have con law on the brain). That form of worship, devotion and loyalty was not accomplished through the "mediator" of the day, but by dint of their own determination.

    And anyway, those "sacrifices" were promptly followed by fabulous barbecue (of the recently sacrificed animals) (Baruchu...) and days on end of partying. When did that ever happen in JW style "worship." Maybe things would have been different for me had that been the case: Say the blessing, butcher the cow, barbecue the beast and get down to the real business of hanging out at a festival, eating, drinking, singing, dancing, buying and selling trinkets and goodies, and generally celebrating freedom...


  • vitty

    I did a quiz recently, it told you what religion you were, by my answers it said I was Jewish.

    The watchtower study articles always had the first one on the Jewish example, and the second on modern day "christians" So we unconciously, believed we were one of the same.

    This was a real biggy for me when I started to read John, (without the watchtower) Jesus is our mediator

    NOT an organization and when I read for myself in the watchtower that Jehovah was my "grandfather" that was it. I cant believe I was so blind and just excepted everything shame on me!!!!!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    ``Yes" is the short answer to your question. JWism is neo-Judaism with overlaid with a thin veneer of Christianity; works-oriented, judgemental, self-righteous and self-absorbed.

  • willyloman

    Absolutely, and on purpose.

  • blondie

    And they regret that due to Caesar's laws, they are not able to stone sinning JWs.

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