Damn Larry King

by Corvin 2 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Corvin

    Avishai recently expressed his disenchantment over Barbara Walters' interview with Mary Kay Latournaeu: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/8/78743/1.ashx

    Avishai vented:


    She's giving a pedophile (Mary kay Latourneau) an open forum to act like a victim. Using words like "Tragic Relationship" "Sexual relationship" . IT WAS RAPE!!!!

    The lying bitch Latourneau said things like "I did'nt know it was a felony in Washington" BULLSH*T!!! I worked in a group home in WA in '89. It's a state that DEFINITELY lets's you know where teh felonies stand. DAMN BABA WAH WAH!!!! If the gender's were reversed this broadcast would never be seen. I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!

    Why do they let this psychopath have a forum to look like a victim?!?!?! She destroyed at least 8 lives, not including her own, her husbands, villi fulau's and her 6 children!!!!! SHE IS A RAPIST AND PEDOPHILE!!!! She should be in prison for LIFE!!!

    So many of agree with you, Avishai, and now Larry King is going to do the same thing on his show tonight. http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/

    I don't think the interview should air, and I am going to send an email to CNN in protest.


  • lisaBObeesa

    One outraged email sent to CNN...

  • avishai

    Larry King is a Dick. Well, he and Baba Wawa are two broadcasters I will now boycott.

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