The blues have the blues?

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    Things aren't looking too bright for the blues right now. This is showing up on the news service tonight:

    Keegan ready to quit 12:46 PM October 23

    Manchester City manager Kevin Keegan says he is close to calling time on his career in English soccer.

    "I am coming to the end of my time as a manager in this country," the 53-year-old told British newspapers on Saturday.

    "Maybe there will be something somewhere else in the future but you never know. I have enjoyed every minute of it."

    Keegan joined City in 2001 after a spell as manager of England. He has also been in charge of Newcastle United and Fulham.

    One of Keegan's managerial traits has always been his penchant for attacking football.

    "If someone said, 'you can pick a team that is going to bore the pants off everyone but is going to finish in the top six', I would say thanks very much but find someone else," the former England captain told British newspapers.

    "There are loads of people like that around but it is not a job for me."

    City, who are 11th in the Premier League, travel to Keegan's former club Newcastle on Sunday (UK time).

    Source: Reuters

    Time for a shiraz (or two) Simon!

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