I voted today!

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  • Elsewhere

    They were holding early voting today so I decided to go in and cast my vote.

    I normally like to do early voting because it is held on the weekend and there are usually no lines. Not today! The line went out the door and along a wall for about 75 feet.

    I wonder what it will be like on November 2nd!

  • Badger

    High voter turnout always makes for better and more credible elections. That is, as long as everyone's vote is counted.

  • jgnat

    We just finished our city election with a surprising result. The media reported two front-runners, neck and neck, a far third candidate, and a half dozen weirdos. It was a snowy day, yet we got more than 50% of the eligible voters out. It has been a long time since we had so much enthusiasm over a vote. The third candidate won! Go figure!

    So who knows how the American vote will go? Voters get tired of rhetoric and name-calling. As our election shows, polls and the pundits can be beaten.

  • Stefanie

    Yay! Else..

    Curly will be so happy! 8)

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    High voter turnout always makes for better and more credible elections. That is, as long as everyone's vote is counted.

    yeah, sometimes they're counted over and over and over and over. Let's hope this year we won't be hearing anything about hanging chads. Tomorrow I'm voting by mail... this year there will be no "chads" here in California (at least by the absentee ballots)... it's all "fill-in" the oval type of card. (They use to do that 30 years ago...hehe).

  • Carmel

    Here in Oregon we vote entirely by mail, which I really like. Problem is, the choice of candicates suchs so the delima is, do I vote for the lesser of two duds, or the "throw away your vote" candidate?


  • cruzanheart

    Hey, so did we! First time ever, and it was cool. We went to the City Hall in Murphy and stood in line for, oh, three minutes before two nice little old ladies showed us what to do. The kids were with us and were fascinated by the whole process, especially after watching that funny Internet thing about trying to vote for Kerry in Florida. They wanted to see if the computers would do the same thing to us.

    Outside the mayor and mayor pro tem, who are being challenged with a possible recall, had set up folding chairs and a couple of signs, and across the driveway were a couple of the proponents of the recall, with THEIR sign. I looked at that and thought -- that's what I'm voting for: the FREEDOM to speak your mind. The FREEDOM to vote without my husband's permission. Even the FREEDOM to wear flowered flip-flops while protesting the mayor (not me, the lady in favor of the recall). Compared to the article in the paper about Afghan women, who still wear burqas in public and can't vote unless their husband gives permission, it felt pretty damn good.

    Oh, and we're against the mayor's recall, mainly because the mayoral election is up in May so there's no sense in causing extra money to go out to elect a new mayor now if we have to repeat the process in May. I think it's just a grudge match at the moment.

    Nina (of the Newly Political Class)

  • target

    We voted for the first time. Seems odd since we are in our mid 50s. Did it by mail.

    On the news last week they said they had done a poll of the children. They have been doing it every election and the last 4 elections the kids have been right. I would suspect the children vote the same way as their parents. The winner this time? Kerry/Edwards. Smart kids.

    Right on Target

  • Elsewhere
    Curly will be so happy! 8)

  • BrendaCloutier

    Here in Oregon, all ballots are mailed out and returned via mail or dropbox. Ballots must be RECEIVED by the commission by voting day (Tuesday, November 2nd) to count, not by postmark.

    Kev and I just finnished filling out our ballots. They are licked, sealed and signed. Funny, we pretty much voted the same on all items! And he didn't know what my votes were, and we only discussed one issue before he voted on it. Nice to know we think alike politically. Religion and spirituality? That's a different battleground er, ah, issue.

    The names on the ballot are not in any specific order by name, party, or whatever, but supposed to be totally random. I found it funny that Bush just happened to be last on the list of presidential candidates, and Kerry was first. Hmmmm.

    Glad that's out of my hair. I just wish I didn't have to listen to 9 more days of campaign ads. Sorta like being sick of Christmas Carols once your shopping is done....

    Vote and vote often


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