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  • Englishman

    Our DVD player is on the blink. It is a stuffed player, it is no more, it has shuffled of this mortal coil.

    Now these things are as cheap as chips. I can get a new one in Asda for about 30 smackers. However, Curry's are doing their own make of player. A cheapie Matsui DVD player that comes with 5 speakers and Dolby cinema surround sound. It's £69 complete.

    I'm tempted. I'm not prepared to pay mega bucks for an all singing, all dancing set up, I just want a marginal increase in the sound quality that our 29" widescreen chucks out. If I'm going to pay £30 -£40 for a new player anyway, I'm thinking that I might as well pay a bit extra and get the surround sound too.

    Anyone here got a cinema surround sound system? Any advice? Pitfalls etc? Will the built in speakers on my TV still operate when I have a surround sound system? I just want a bit of info, that's all.



  • Confucious

    E-man. Very simple. And I'm sure the experts here will have a cow. But I bought a "nice" but relatively inexpensive set of computer speakers. It was a six piece. Two front, two back. One center. One base. It plugs into the "earphone" piece of the computer. And your TV should also have a piece there. It works flawlessly. Con

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I am not familiar with your particular system but your elvision speakers should still work however you may find that the television speakers are unnecessary with your surround sound set-up. You should be able to turn your television speakers right down and rely on the surround sound. I can tell you if you get the surround sound with a sub-woofer you will be in for a real treat.

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