Learning more about dinosaurs!

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    I was in the mood to learn about dinosaurs today.

    This is a very scientific site. For example, when we learn how the dinosaurs became extinct, we need to reason on this:

    The latest dinosaur extinction theory suggests that the earth was struck from space by a six-mile-wide meteorite (a comet or asteroid). Such a collision could have left a huge layer of dust in the atmosphere. The dust could have been enough to block out the sun's light for months and perhaps years. Because most plants need lots of sunlight, this would have destroyed many of them. The dinosaurs would have starved on a cold, darkened planet.

    What is wrong with this theory?
    Comet and Earth If the meteorite collision really happened, why did other forms of life survive--including birds, small vertebrates (including mammals), big crocodiles, insects, flowering plants, freshwater plants and animals, various types of sea life, etc.?

    So, the only LOGICAL answer is a flood... 'cause, after all, everyone knows that flowering plants, freshwater plants, sea life, etc. can all survive under water for a year (uh, without sunlight).

  • Leolaia

    LOL! They should extract the log from their own eye....

    So I guess that pervasive layer of iridium at the K.-T. boundary in bedrock doesn't mean anything, nor that massive crater in the Yucatan peninsula.

  • Quotes

    So I guess what they are saying is....

    .... (wait for it) ....

    .... Dinosaurs were NOT rendered extinct! So they must be still roaming the earth today!!!!

    Wow, that is so cool! I'm going to get me a pet Sinosauropteryx.

    What's that?

    That's not what they're saying? They're saying they disappeared in the flood?

    Oh, well, that makes sense too: everyone knows that when God spoke to Noah, he told him: "Take all the animals two by two, but I don't want you to take any dinosaurs 'cause they freak me out!.

    Yup, now I remember the "No Dinosaurs on the ark" scripture from Watchtower school. Yup, that 'splains it! And the fact that dinosaurs dissappeared from the fossil record 65 million years ago, but the "flood" was only 5000 years ago.... well.... that must be just a "round off error". Yup, that's it!

    ~Quotes, of the "Chicxulub Crater" class

  • Leolaia

    My old green Bible claimed that dinosaurs lived in the Sahara Desert. You might wanna look for them there.

  • avengers
    My old green Bible claimed that dinosaurs lived in the Sahara Desert. You might wanna look for them there.

    I always thought: "Man this is a big beach".
    Now I know the truth. Thanks.

  • Tashawaa

    T he Bible does not list the names of every creature on the Ark. It does say that one set of every kind of air-breathing animal was on board (Genesis 6:19-20; 7:15-16). So, dinosaurs must have been included.

    There is evidence that dinosaurs lived after the Flood. For instance, Job saw " behemoth " after the Flood.

    The Ark had plenty of room for all the animals, including the dinosaurs. Young dinosaurs would be small and easier to care for and would use less food. It would have been foolish to fill up space on the with the oldest, biggest adults.

    The dinosaurs lived for at least a few centuries after the Flood, but probably never in the great numbers that there once had been. No one knows exactly when they finally died out.

    Yes the dinosaurs were taken on the Ark silly. There was PLENTY of room! And PLENTY of food. God isn't FOOLISH. Besides, everyone knows that taking them on the Ark wouldn't have been dangerous, ALL the animals ate vedgetables - including dinosaurs!

    A fter the Flood, many parts of the world became too harsh for the dinosaurs. No longer did the earth have the same great forests of huge, nutritious plants. It would have been hard for the dinosaurs to locate enough food as they got bigger and bigger.

    Great numbers of creatures have become extinct in the thousands of years since the Flood. In the last 350 years alone, almost 400 species have disappeared. Today, some experts claim that one or more species of plants and animals may be lost every day. Most of the problem is caused by sinful and foolish human beings.

    They just couldn't make it after the flood. The NUTRITIOUS PLANTS couldn't make it (but the asteroid theory was just plain STUPID).

    And lots of animals go extinct! But its because of sinful humans - not 'cause God killed all the food and changed the atmosphere and seasons of the earth!

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  • Tashawaa

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