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  • missy04

    Could you guys give me some advice?..

    I may or may not vote..I was wondering if it really would be "being part of the world" to vote??

    I know what the witnesses' take on it is, but I won't base my decision on that.

    Turned 18 and this would be my first time voting..not sure whether to vote or not.

    Any thoughts?

  • blondie

    I am in my 50's, a JW all my life, and I am voting for the first time.

    JWs participate verbally all the time. I remember one brother would say, "If I weren't a witness, I would vote for ....."

    I figure I pay taxes and I would like to pick the persons who decide how they will be spent.

    In the end, missy you have to do what your heart guides you to do.

    Find out what is going on locally as to issues and what affects you.


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    When I turned 18 and started voting it gave me a very good feeling because I was excercising my rights as a citizen. Now, two decades later, I wish there was a box on the ballot that says "None of the Above" because that would be my pick everytime.

    Good luck with you first time voters...go excercize your rights!

  • Navigator

    If you have not already registered, you are unlikely to be allowed to vote. I would think this falls under the "render into Caeser the things that are Caeser's." I refuse to listen to those who complain about the government if they declined to vote.

  • Narkissos

    Remember the Bible was not written in a democratic system.

    The various ways in which the New Testament writers responded to the problem of authority within the Roman empire are hardly relevant to a situation where you are asked to elect a local or national leader and are ultimately responsible for this choice along with everybody else (whether you actually take part in the vote or not).

  • target


    It sounds like you have found a real comfortable fence to sit on. Either you are a JW and swallow the cult crap hook, line and sinker, or guess what? You are "worldly"! I know the dubs make that sound like you are in league with Satan, but do you not believe that Jehovah created the world? That being so, why would you not want any part of it? Why would you not want a say in how things affect you? Are you not ready to flip the ON switch and start thinking and stop letting a bunch of old men do it for you? You are not in Oz anymore Dorothy. This is reality. Your life is your responsibility. You are not a kid anymore. You may not be ready to vote this time around, but you sure are ready to start learning what it is all about.

    Another thing, the WTS wants you to think that the other side of the fence, the "world", is all darkness, when in fact, it is a beautiful sunrise over here.

    Right On Target

  • Nosferatu

    The leader of your city, state/province and country is going to affect your personal life whether you want them to or not. Why not have a say in who is going to be affecting your life?

  • Preston

    My suggestion to you mIssy is to obtain a sample ballot from the registars office so you can see for yourself what issues and elections will be stated on the ballot, not just those for presidant and state representative, but I am certain that there is at least one proposition that would greatly affect how you will live in the next couple of years in your state. I think seeing for yourself what you will be possibly voting for will help you make a more informed decision.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Being born makes you part of the world, not voting...

    Voting means you hope a candidate might make a difference, the WT wants all your hope to themselves...

    You choose...


  • LittleToe

    Paul seemed quite happy to lobby the Governments of his day

    You quote "no part of the world", a phrase that is only found in John (15:19; 17:14,16; 18:36).
    The context is that since Christians are chosen out of the world, to a relationship with God, the world doesn't like them very much.

    The phrase has taken on an altogether different connotation under the WTS.

    The argument goes that Jesus took no part in politics, and when they tried to seize him to make him king he ran away. Even so, he entered Jerusalem in the manner of a king, and admitted before Pilate that his kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36).

    I find it incongruous that the WTS denies it's members the right to influence governmental rule, but is quite happy to endulge in helping form the legislation of various countries, through the law courts.

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