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  • New Castles
    New Castles

    I have been warned that the elders of my cong. are looking to meet with me formally. I guess they have heard of my doubts and questions I have posed to family members. I have written a letter of disassociation in case they do want to meet with me judicially. I have decided that I want to leave on my terms, either I fade or I disassociate myself. Anywayz, I included my letter and would appreciate any feedback on it. I took out some personal information in the letter to make as generic as possible. Its short, but I think its makes my point Thanks!

    To the Body of Elders at XXXX and the Governing Body of Jehovah?s Witnesses.

    The following letter is to inform you of a personal decision that I feel obligated at this moment to express. I have been part of the Jehovah?s Witnesses all of my life, but been a baptized publisher for over sixteen years. During these sixteen years I have served as a pioneer and a ministerial servant and also in many other capacities in the congregation. I fulfilled all requirements asked of me, for I was assured this would bring me closer with God. As my responsibilities grew, what I began to see, what I couldn?t believe, was a whole political side to the congregation structure. Elders held their position proudly, Circuit Overseers visited arrogantly, and servants brown-nosed anyone with privilege. I began to question the spiritual direction of the congregation. This line of thinking though was incorrect, and those questions and doubts should not be dwelled on. I lost faith in the direction of the congregation. I moved thinking well this is one cong. And as my mother always said, ?We?re here to serve Jehovah, not men?

    In XXXXX I was well received and when I wasn?t seen at the meetings, I received a call. I felt good, I saw the genuine concern. I expressed to these new elders some doubts I was having and how they were causing me to stumble. I received a concerned ear, and assurances that doubts affect everyone. The problem was I never really received an answer or a straight explanation to my questions. I was told to forget it, to remember where the truth was. I tried again at the behest of my wife, but again found no explanation to my questions. It convinced me that what these men do cannot be inspired or influenced by God in any way.

    As I investigated and read more about the Watchtower Society, the more convinced I became that this is not God?s channel here on earth. Their false predictions of the end in the past, their distorted and confusing blood policy, the wrong use of the 607 date as Jerusalem?s fall, and the misrepresentation of the organizations past are only a few examples go to show that this cannot be an organization led by God. The Society claims they are not infallible and can make mistakes but adherence and obedience to their policies have to be absolute. My mother asked, ?XXX, if not here, where do we go?? I find that question interesting since Peter asked that same question to Jesus. How would Christ feel to know we are asking it too, but not of him, of a human organization? For this reason I wish to sever all ties with the Jehovah?s Witness organization and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I understand an announcement has to be made to the congregation but any attempts made to discredit or distort my reputation, as well as any attempts made to stop others, including family members, from associating with me on a social setting will be considered inappropriate and hostile towards my person and will be dealt with legally. I request no contact be made to attempt to help me with this matter. Thank you for you attention.

    Most Sincerely


    Cc: Governing Body, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

  • Stefanie

    Sorry to hear about that..

    I hope things go well. Your letter sounds perfect to me.

    1000 hugs to you sweetie!

  • BluesBrother

    The letter is fine, if you are sure that this is what you really want to do..

    I have seen several people express the same sentiment, ie, to 'leave on one's own terms' , but when my time comes(as it surely will) my intention will be to give 'em hell. I prefer to tie up as much of their time as possible . I would rather have meetings and discussions, leading perhaps to a Judicial Meeting , then an appeal committee. Make 'em work for the satisfaction of announcing my departure. The other way is to hand it to them on a plate.

    Believe me, in my time ,the content of D/a letters was never taken seriously. Whatever they said hardly mattered because the person had gone. Therefore he was evidently "Not of our sort", lets move on ...

    Your comment about not allowing your relatives to shun you is, I fear, not sustainable.. they will not expressly forbid it of course but the family may be reminded of their loyalty to the congo, to discipline you to repentence and to make full and free decision in the "Right" way, to "Please Jehovah"

    Just my 2 pennyworth .. Whatever you do, you can hold your head high for recognizing the real truth and acting on it..

  • avishai

    It's great. You might want to throw the UN scandal in too, as many elders aqre'nt even aware of it.

  • undercover

    Sorry to hear of the witchhunt against you, Castles. I don't know if you are married or have a lot of JW family that you are close to, but if you give them a letter, it will only fuel their flame of hate. They will use it to declare you evil to anyone in the congregation that knew you. The threat of legal action will not deter them either. Outside of that, the letter is well written and to the point. A long letter with lots of prophecy busting will only be glanced at and never studied to see whether you may have a justifiable claim or not so why waste time writing too much.

    Before handing that letter in, seriously consider the ramifications. You will lose contact with the more staunch JW family members. You will be treated like vermin by anyone who sees you out and about. If these things don't bother you, then go ahead and hand it in. It will be a definite sense of closure. If you want to keep social contact with family and even some of the other JWs, don't hand in a letter. That's playing by their rules and sometimes to win against a stacked deck you have to cheat.

    Good luck in what ever you decide.

  • Stefanie

    Castles, let me know if you got my last two pms.


  • shotgun

    Hope it has the effect you want New Castles..if you need anymore ideas for the da letter Winston had one of the best I've seen.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Seems like a good letter. Suggestions:

    #1 Have a copy of the letter with signature of recipt and date and time of receipt signed by all present.

    #2 Send of copy of the signed copy to the GB via return receipt and keep the postal info and returned receipt with your papers.

    This will give you a paper trail to give to an attorney should you need it.

    Good luck and God (He, She, It, They) Bless!


  • New Castles
    New Castles

    Thanks all for your words of encouragement and ideas....I appreciate everything!!!!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It reads like a fine letter of disassociation. Too bad it won't be read and understood the way you mean it.

    One of these fine days I'll just stop attending meetings altogether and just never look back. It's soon approaching. Meetings just bore me to tears!

    Then they'll start with the calling and the coming around. I've decided to be cordial to all of them, but not reveal my motives at all.

    In time, I'll be considered hopeless and be forgotten by the bunch.


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