Are you rubbing off on your spouse?

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  • CountryGuy

    Okay, after six years together, I asked Wayne what he rented at Hastings today. He said, "That Stephen King mini-series, Kingdom Hall." (Which totally made sense to me... all my experiences at the KH could have been in one of his books.)

    However, what he meant to say is Kingdom Hospital. He's heard me say Kingdom Hall so much that it just kinda of fell out of his mouth before he knew it. He's never been a JW or even to a KH, his only knowledge of JWs is from what I've told him.

    Anyone else ever run into this with their spouse?


  • xjw_b12

    CG Not my spouse but our kids. They've picked up on the expressions, jehovahs witlesses, the Borg, and "Apostate"

    On the other hand they have also picked up and wholeheartedly embraced the terms and expresssions, such as:

    " SON hurry up it's Tuesday night and you're going to be late for soccer"

    and "what should we get mom for Mother's Day"

    and "DAUGHTER, get out of bed. It's 11:30 Saturday morning and you and your girlfreinds stayed up too late last night. You said you wanted to go to the Mall by noon."

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    No.. but I'm rubbing *on* my spouse? Does that count?

    Rural Territory Girl

  • bull01lay

    Thanks countrygirl:

    No.. but I'm rubbing *on* my spouse? Does that count?

    That mental image has set me up for the day !!!

    Bull! <= heading off to the water closet with a BIG box of tissues !!

  • jwbot

    Am I rubbing off my spouse?

    Thats personal!

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