has anyone ever switched cel phones?

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  • czarofmischief

    Now you can take your number to a new company - at least in the USA. I was wondering if anybody had done it and how it worked and whether they had to pay the early termination fee... etc... etc... etc...

    Any input?


  • Heatmiser

    I have done this a few days ago. I have had Suncom for a almost 3 years and wasn't on a contract anymore. I was on a month to month basis so I didn't have to pay any penalty for breaking a contract. But....my number isn't al the way ported yet. I make my outgoing calls on the new phone (Alltel) and incoming is still on old phone. I am going to have to follow up on why it is taking so long to port my number 100%.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    So Heatmiser - you're back home now! Great! Good to see you safe and sound.

  • kwintestal

    No, but about 2 years ago I worked for a company contracted by AT&T wireless, doing their phone customer service. Anything specific you need to know?


    P.S. I know a loophole to get out of a contract with AT&T if that's who you use

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