Okay...Boone's or Mad Dog?

by under74 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • under74

    Cheap wine isn't my favorite but my first experience with drinking was with Boone's Farm wine (and I have special feelings toward it) and I have been seen with 20/20 aka Mad Dog. Anyway after that wild turkey/jim beam question I started thinking about the cheap wines I've drank. Do they have these brands outside the US? Is there a preference? Anyone care to comment?

  • under74

    Wow, I must be the only one that's drank this stuff. That's cool, more for me.

  • czarofmischief

    There's a Hungarian wine called Bull's Blood that sells for about 8 bucks a fifth. A bit above the Boone's / Mad Dog ilk but it does the job and gets you good and fighting drunk. I put down a bottle of that before I head out - saves a bit of cash at the bar.


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