Out of the mouth of babes

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  • Jez

    After visiting her JW father and relatives, my daughter came home and stated that her uncle said, "Churches..(tsk tsk) they do not allow questioning of any of their beliefs." My daughter looked at him and stated, "HOW would you know, you have never been in one!" She said he did not know what to say.

    At the meeting, they were all standing around talking and someone said, "Wow, there was 188 at the meeting today!" My daughter said, "That is four congregations, in one KH but there are about 20 churches in town and they are packed out every Sunday. I think there must be hundreds there." They could not have had a better response, "But they are false, they are not really worshipping God." She was furious about that comment.

    She slept through the whole WT study and noticed that her father doodled on his WT so he must have been bored too. Lol.

    She said she was sitting looking at everyone and that she felt like standing up and screaming during the talk that all other religions are just trying to be good. No one is better than anyone else!!!

    I am proud of her emerging critical thinking skills and can see that our studying is paying off. I am teaching her to THINK not just accept, I am very aware of putting words in her mouth for what difference would that be than what the JW's do? I want her to think about what they are saying. High five to you my sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kj

    High five, to you too, mom! It is great that you are helping her learn to think for herself. Thanks for sharing :-)


  • simplesally

    I've often wondered why some of the christian churches are PACKED!

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