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  • badboy

    On Saturday,as I watched TV, I heard a knock on the door, thinking they were my mother's carer(she went into hospital the previous day), I went to open the door to find 2 women,one said something about sharing the Bible before showing me the magazibnes,I expained that the jw across the street have already given me the magazines.

    I haven't seen any in about 3 years came on the doors.

  • under74

    I never get JWs here...just mormons and people wanting me to sign there damn petitions.

  • ozziepost

    They're an endangered species.

  • Emma

    I get them at the door every couple of years. I just say the word "no" and shut the door; I won't give them any more than that. Last time they rang, I'd just gotten out of the shower. Thinking it was my daughter who had forgotten her key again, I grabbed my robe and raced down the stairs. The "sister" smuggly said "Oh, we got you out of bed". Of course everyone is lazy except them, who drag their butts out of bed so they can knock on a couple of doors before getting coffee and donuts! I said, "No, you got me out of the shower!" She tried handing me a tract or something while I said No and shut the door. Self-rightesous know it alls.

    Sorry for the vent. Emma

  • dorothy

    Sounds like Jehover was leading them to your door just at the right moment. Good thing they couldn't read your mind or this story would be on the back of an Awake magazine a few months from now.

  • badboy

    I don't think they was much of my mind to read.

  • Corvin
    They're an endangered species.

    Is that because any JW species that knocks on your door would be in danger of your double-barrell apostate skatter-gun?

    There were these two young brothers that use to stop by about twice a month with mags for me. They knew I was df'd and once they even came in to chat for awhile, but were the entire time, uncomfortable and shaking in their Payless shoes. They don't come by anymore, however. Not since my devil horns became clearly visible.


  • Quotes

    They don't come by anymore, however. Not since my devil horns became clearly visible.

    And might I compliment you on the beautiful sheen on your horns! You obviously take care of yours, you could be in a "Horn Care Magazine" photo spread.

    Unfortuanately, I have been suffering from "Devil Horn Mange" recently, it is not painful, but it is very socially embarrasing.

    ~Quotes, of the "Seven Heads and Ten Mangey Horns" class

  • badboy

    They turned up again on Saturday,the person thought I was busy, so didn't talk to me.

  • Preston

    My husband and I live just a few hundred feet from the kingdom hall down the street and... they....never...come

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