2034 the new "END" date for the WTS it is a fact!!!

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  • justhuman

    In the wt article 15 December 2003 the WT tried to set a new date for the end, by connecting the sign of the end given by Jesus when he used the exampe of Noah. Noah preached for 120 years and then the end came. So simillar it will be during the last days when they started in 1914 with Jesus taking the throne in heaven.

    So they compare the preaching of Noah that lasted 120 years and the preaching that started from 1914. So in the minds of the rank and file they are creating a new date for Armageddon 2034.

    We know that WT is trying to buy time and with this kind of reasoning they can make it until the next "light". Remember they done it in 1975.

    In the recent C.O visit in the congregation that I used to attend (I had a special invitation for the puplic talk and I went) he repeated the same comments as mentioned in the wt article 15/12/2003.

    So I believe that the GB will do exactly as they did with the generation. They started 2 years before 1995 with puplic talks in the conventions to prepare the flock for the "new light". Then they came out with the articles in wt that they make a definition of what Jesus meant generation.

    So the GB gratuately drop the past teachings regarding the generation that will never die and will see the end, by quoting Jesus "sign of the end" by comparing the preaching of Noah that lasted 120 years with the preaching that JW's are doing in our days that started from 1914.

    GB has done it again...they buy another 30 years until 2034 and God knows what it will happen 30 years from know

  • justhuman

    Although the WT does not say the new day clearly, but their trying to show that the end it is not so close as they believed. Besides they have to preach to China and that means the "good news" have not reached yet to everyone!!!

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    All my Family in the religion have never heard of this 2034 date?There is no way it would go in print any way,not after the 1975 debacle.

  • joenobody

    IMHO I think if they do go ahead with 2034 as speculative prophecy (and I don't think they will), it will definitely not be in print. Instead it will be via suggestion from the company men (ie. COs and DOs) who will start to spread that message via public talks etc. They (WTS) know all too well that they will be held to reckon for anything they put in print in the future because of easy access to information.

    That's basically why I doubt they will do anything to propose another date. They seem to be saying more recently that Bible Prophecy (TM) is best understood AFTER it has been fulfilled. In other words they are prepping the masses to be on their toes.

    "We aren't giving you a date, but watch out! Prophecy has said the end is coming sometime soon. We won't know in advance exactly when, so you don't want to be caught off-guard at all - we'll know after it happens."

    This is about the only approach they can take. If they point to any sort of date at all, there will be hell to pay when it doesn't come true. But they need something to keep the publishers motivated (in fear). So their only option is really to keep saying "real soon now" and that there WON'T be any specific warning of a particular date to work towards. In the long run some people will get weary of this. Others can be kept under fear. I think they probably publish a lot of articles about how various judgements came about in the past without specific warning. They will turn the heat up on the publishers with the unknown that could strike at any time - they can't work the other date specific angle anymore - it's too risky to their already shaky credibility internally. You can't raise paranoia levels too much either without people freaking.

  • NewYork44M

    I sat through that particular WT study in a congregation conducted by a Bethel "heavy" and there were at least two GB in attendance. There was no particular emphesis of 2034 from the conductor or anyone in the congregation. So, unless there has bee new light, the CO may be on his own.

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