I really hate the Media

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  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I'm sitting here watching Navy NCIS and a commercial break comes on. A commercial for the 11:00 news comes on and the so called top story is about the Madrid Train Bombing and how vunerable the rail lines can be, and how it can happen here.

    WTF? That's not news, that's just fear mongering. I used to thing that the news was just supposed to report the news, not speculate on what could happen based on past events. Why are they exploiting past tragedies and using peoples fears just for ratings?

    I can't stand watching the news anymore.

  • maximumflash

    Not trying to spook anyone. Just a little realization.

    You know what's worse than that? They are also report the vunerabilities of the same systems that everyone uses around the world for a terrorist to exploit. Less thinking and planning for the terrorist. Gotta love that media.

  • Satanus

    Fear. It seems to be the mainstay of politicians. They need to keep people scared so that people continue to think that they need politicians. It's called creating a need and then offering to fill it. Been used by sellers of all kinds for ages.

    The church had the devil and demons. Now they have been personified by bush as 'terrorists'. 'Terrorists' are the new boogeymen. They could be almost anyone, they could strike at any time, they could strike anywhere. Puritans need this kind of stuff.


  • Satanus

    I just thought of something else: if the govt and media like to see fear mongering, then it would make sense that they like it when people get into conspiracy theories. You know things like chemtrails to promote unhealth/influence the weather, mass mind control, ufos of or in cahoots w the govts, or a bunch of other things. These theories also create fear.

    Then it would make sense that some of the guys who spread theories like the above are actually govt agents, or in other words, disinformationists. Now, how many sites have exgovt/'excia' guys? I can think of one right off: rumormillnews.


  • candidlynuts

    its called puttin the skeer on ...

    i'm waiting for a news story about the risk of al queada bringing the FLU to america.

    newsman... "the shortage of flu shots is the perfect opportunity for some chemical warfare....how will al queada bring the flu to america? sneeze on their internet websites maybe? perhaps the next anthrax letter YOU get will have the flu virus on it as well! TAKE CAUTION NOW! beware beware"

  • Simon

    There is an interesting programme on in the UK tonight about how politicians use fear as a weapon on their own population ... it makes them compliant.

  • xjw_b12
    Why are they exploiting past tragedies and using peoples fears just for ratings?

    That's the 10 second teaser so you won't watch the other network's newscast when the program is over. And you have to admit, the channel you were watching was up against 3-4 other stations, whose breaking or special stories that night were.....

    "Nader support approaching 30%"

    "American Robot Assembly Jobs being Outsourced to Overseas Robots"

    "President Bush arrives at political rally in Air National Guard flight suit"

    "U.S. aid workers in Bagdad behead 2 Iraqi terrorists"

    I can't stand watching the news anymore.

    Try PBS

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