God went away in a huff

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  • Bubbamar

    In my mom's defensive monologue about shunning me she said that after Adam ate of the fruit God never spoke to Adam again after that. Before that they talked daily and had a warm relationship.

    I say that's quite a manipulation of the account. And a pathetic attempt to demonstrate that God practices their evil disfellowshipping doctrine.

    1. Just because we don't have documentation of their communication does not mean it did not happen. There are probably other accounts or stories that end and we have no further proof of God's communication - but they probably wouldn't say God quit speaking to them.

    2. There is not scriptural proof (that I'm aware of) that says God quit speaking to Adam.

    3. God told Adam exactly what his punishment would be: death (900 years later), having to work the land for food, ...... okay I can't remember it all - but I know one of the other 2 things was not "and I will never speak to you again! So there!" Kinda like a 3 year old, "You're not my best friend anymore."

    4. It was not necessary at that point to continue the Adam and Eve story because the Cain/Abel murder story came up.

    It really burns me up when they abuse the Bible and call it holy.

  • under74

    yeah, I got grounded for a month and a half when I was 9 years old after I pointed out that King David did a lot of stuff worse than my grandma (DFd for smoking). Sorry for your situation Bubbamar.

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