JW Prince and his new video!

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  • cyberguy

    Evidently, there?s a new scandal with Prince?s new video and terrorism! As most know on this board, Prince recently became a JW! Now he has a new video that is very offensive to those victimized by terrorism (or those who are sensitive to this issue)!

  • orbison11

    and, apparently, he was at an LA club, which was encouraging young ones to vote, and this night was specifically for that.

    go figuire?????


  • nilfun

    "I just can't believe all the things people say - Controversy"

    I think the day-dream sequence towards the closing of the video represents
    the girl's decision to "turn the other cheek" -- even though she has become
    a target of post 9-11 hate and/or racism -- and in the end she decides
    to repudiate the cycle of violence.

    The real scandal is not the video, but overt racism and violence felt on a
    daily basis by many Americans -- who just happen to look "too Arab" for their own good.

    That is the issue Prince is tackling here.

  • Flash

    Well, he's not exactly marching in lockstep with the WTS view of neutrality so he's likely to be spoken too.

    To much freedom of expression and opinion is not good. It means individual thinking and thinking on your own is not acceptable. After all, "Isn't this 'GOD's Organization? And shouldn't we OBEY GOD's Organization??"

  • Voyager

    Credit goes to DevonMcBride!

    Click Here

    Prince's Arab-American tale

    Purple One Gets Political

    Prince has stunned the pop world by using a suicide bombing to end his new music video.

    Whale Rider star Keisha Castle-Hughes plays an Arab-American girl so tormented by her life that she blows up an airport.

    Famed for his sexually-explicit lyrics, Prince is now making a political statement.

    Cinnamon Girl follows the life of Keisha's character in the aftermath of an aeroplane crash.

    Schoolmates harass her because of her racial background while the Arabic community around her suffers a backlash following the crash.

    In one verse, Prince sings: "Cinnamon girl mixed heritage. Never knew the meaning of colour lines. Nine-11 turned that all around. When she got accused of this crime."

    The video was directed by Phil Harder, who insisted it is not purely intended to shock viewers.

    He said: "I kind of think about it as how far can her imagination go when the world comes down on her pretty heavy.

    "None of it's literal, but you get the picture." Last Updated: 16:28 UK, Tuesday October 19, 2004 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks!

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