Kristy says, "I love you" and sends her hugs to yall.

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    She was thrilled with all the well-wishes, encouraging words and flowers yall sent....loved the Irises, the Japanese and other Garden scenes and peaceful woodland and marine scenes and wind in her sails, and all the bouquets....and those of yall that shared your own personal struggles with Kristy, she appreciated it very much and her heart goes out to yall.....she loved the poem from DoubleEdge and French Baby Face's accent.....Stinky Pantz, that dewy red rose didn't print out exactly like it looks online, and she thought it was a wet "something else" LOL!

    Good news! The docs found out what was affecting her blood....anemia and an infection that had migrated from her UTI and they've solved the cath problem, so she can go home probably tomorrow and get on the road to recovery very soon after they finish the regimen of antibiotics and get her built back up.

    Kristy said yall are a real "beacon" to her and she is beginning to look fwd to getting up and being able to get back online again in the future. Maybe she'll even pop in here and say hello, eh?

    Hugs 'n smoochies,

    Frannie (for LaFemme Kristy)

  • patio34

    That's great, Frannie---thanks for the update. Good news!


  • gypsywildone

    That's great Frannie! Sounds like you got a dream assignment keeping company with Kristy!

    Big hugs to you both!

  • under74

    Very good news. I wish her all the best and the same to you too.

  • frenchbabyface

    Good news ... Hummm ... It feels better ... (((Kristy))) and (((You))) it nice to know you're so closed and can give a real hand ! is the one of the best medecin

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