Special Campaign begins Monday, 18 October

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  • ezekiel3

    A ?Special Campaign? begins Monday, 18 October 2004 to distribute the new brochure Keep On the Watch! The campaign will continue through 14 November. Comments from the Kingdom Ministry October 2004 directive include:

    ?Keep on the Watch! should not be distributed indiscriminately. Rather the brochure will be placed only with those who demonstrate interest in what the Bible says about the meaning of world events. Those who show minimal interest in the message might be offered a tract instead.?
    ?Try to obtain the name and address of each person who accepts the brochure?

    Both suggested presentations end with,

    ?The brochure is available without charge. If you desire to make a modest donation to our worldwide work, we would be pleased to accept it.? (This is of note because the KM does not normally include the money pitch with presentation guidelines.)

    The Service Meeting talk (week of 11 October) reviewing the campaign is specified: ?in one the demonstrations, a householder shows minimal interest in the Scriptural presentation, and is offered a tract instead.? This is of note because Service Meeting demonstrations are notoriously positive ? always showing interest and acceptance of offered publications.

    Those who have seen the Keep On the Watch! brochure will agree that it is ?End-Times Light? without specific urgency, although there is a hollow mantra that ?the end has drawn close.?

    The first half of the brochure is specifically tailored to the non-JW with talking points and heavily illustrated pages.

    The last half would probably confuse a newly interested person as it directly addresses the apathy and discouragement common among long-time JWs. Headers include ?Some Factors that Cause Discouragement? and ?Be Realistic in Your Expectations.?

    Most active JWs are excited about the campaign, reminding them of previous campaigns that have not occurred since the 1980?s.

  • minimus

    I thought there were similar campaigns in the 90's.....They don't want to waste money and give the precious literature to someone that might not really appreciate it.

  • Satanus

    Thanks for the note, zeke.

    It doesn't sound like much compared to campaigns of the seventies, sixties, twenties, tens, and the late eighteen hundreds. Perhaps the end is slipping into the far, indefinite future.


  • Elsewhere

    Summarization of the message in the brochure: Join our organization or die!

    Why do I keep seeing parallels between the WTS and the Islamic extremist terrorists?

    If you think you can stomach it, here is a scan of the brochure:

    View and download the entire Brochure
    Username: FormidableApostate
    Password: FormidableApostate

  • Satanus


    The w bush message is along the same lines, too.


  • VM44

    "what the Bible [really Watchtower!] says about the meaning of world events" --VM44

  • Nosferatu
    If you think you can stomach it, here is a scan of the brochure:

    Thanks Elsewhere! Now when they come to my door (they will), I can just tell them I downloaded the brochure off the internet! That'll piss them off. One less placement for them.

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