Covert tactics in spiritual warfare

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  • kwintestal

    Just wondering something.

    Some on here have a partner who is a JW, but aren't themselves and never have been.

    The WTS are always playing up on the possiblity that the "unbelieveing mate" may "see the light and study the truth".

    So has anyone bit? Has anyone used that and played their game? I thought that for those who were in that spot and unable to discuss objections with the "believing mate" that it would be a great way of bringing up questions that perhaps the other party didn't think of possibly raising doubts. Would the JW's refuse to study with the unbelieving mate if they previously have been opposed?

    Covert tactics in spiritual warfare. Like a Kamakazee pilot. Rolling over and playing dead to fool the preditor.

    So any experiences?


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Good question

    I?ll be watching this thread

    I myself have spent over 5 years studying solo.

    After about 35 days of solitude, I?d bite with a seemingly harmless question. Hmmmm. Her?s one around Passover time?.

    ?I remember you once saying that the bible said that Jesus was your mediator and that no matter what ?.you believed that.

    Answer: Yes, that?s right

    Next question?

    I was just reading this month?s watchtower (meaning not web etc) here in paragraph?..(so actual)

    It says that Jesus is not!? Then I looked it up in the Aid book and sure enough, that is what it says?

    Theres a grave look of concern, a swipe of the mag, a raising of the voice, a exit from the house.

    Maybe 2 or 3 months go by, maybe it is a year?? Lost track subject comes up again?.

    Comment ? yeah, well I asked my favourite elder and I?m satisfied. End of conversation don?t ever bring this up again.

    Sometimes I didn?t let him off that easy. If the truth is the truth ? convince me!!

    6 months later Next topic, same results. This is a 5year old scenario.

    Recently when asked by a 3rd party about us discussing topics or studying together.....the answer was a quick sure - why not! then well, hmmm, it would have to be a certain way, well, actually no

    Rest my case.

    Sound familiar?

    Thanks kwint - as you can see I need help - I am branded up the ying yang

  • kwintestal

    My heart's with you WP.

    I've heard in the past that if someone is in a cult and their family or friends want to help them out, sometimes the family will go in, and over time bring the one in the cult to their senses. Has anyone done this with JW's? Has anyone heard of this happening?


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Hey there.

    does this work in reverse?

    someone pretending to be out (or not so strict) trying to get someone in? LOL

    I'm sure this tactic would be reserved for the super strong spirits only - the ones with real power at stake.

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