South Padre Island Bikefest

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  • TMS

    The early morning hours are typically dedicated to R.E.M., but
    not with the constant thunder of Harley-Davidsons rumbling
    fifty yards from the thin walls of my 34-foot park model R.V.
    South Padre Island Bikefest can indeed be seen and heard!

    I chose the highway route to walk my min pin and I couldn't
    take my eyes off the custom paint jobs, leather and denim,
    bandanas, t-shirt slogans and sissy seats. I couldn't help but
    smile, thinking that these folks were doing and portraying exactly
    what they wanted unlike my fifty years as a JW.

    The parking area of Isabel's Cafe was filled with Harleys. I won-
    dered how the bikers were coping with the breakfast menu of
    tortillas de harina with choriso, frijoles, juevos, etc. Probably,
    quite well!

    Saturday would be the "Mexico Run." Hundreds of bikers would
    eat breakfast, head for the "Free Trade Bridge" at Los Indios and
    ride the twenty miles along the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) to Progresso
    Mexico. That little Mexican tourist town clears main street for the
    bikers. The leather shops, cantinas, farmacias and curio shops wel-
    come the visitors.

    In the afternoon, my wife and I make our own run-to Blue Marlin
    IGA to get something for the grill. The IGA parking lot is filled with
    bikes and bikers. "Where the hell were you?" screams a 70 year old
    woman to her 40 year old son. Mother and son have identically
    painted Harleys. "I've been across the causeway twice looking for
    you!" The old lady is walking with help of a cane, which she loops
    over the handlebars. With Indian features, a denim leather
    Harley-Davidson jacket and black/gray hair down to mid-back she
    has my attention as she backs shakily out of her parking space. Her
    son just watches to make sure she's ok before
    they both take off. He fits cautiously into traffic. Grandma gooses
    the throttle and passes all the traffic on the right and roars out
    ahead of the pack.

    Minivans, people and folding chairs line Highway 100. It is not an
    official parade, but it is a parade. The fathers are drinking beer
    while their kids point out strange bikes and bikers. High handle
    bars, big bellies, stretched out choppers, trikes, sequinned tops .
    . . . There is so much to be seen.

    I'm not a biker. But I envy the individuality, the camaradarie, the


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  • AlanF

    Cool stuff! There's a lot of comeraderie in motorcycling, alright! My wife and I recently bought bikes, and are riding as much as we're able -- not nearly enough! A lot of bikers give "the wave" to bikes passing in the opposite direction, something I never knew was done until I started riding.

    Last month I went to a biker rally of sorts at a tiny crossroads town called Severance, in Colorado, about 20 miles from where I live. I was the 5th person there on Sunday morning for Bruce's Nut Run (Bruce's Tavern is locally famous for Rocky Mountain Oysters, and they served up plenty of them that day), which by early afternoon had attracted perhaps 1500 bikers. At least 95% of the bikes were Harley's. My BMW was out of place, but I made friends with a bunch of really raunchy looking, but nice biker types.

    The next weekend I went to the grand opening of Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson, a huge dealership in Loveland, Colorado. At least 2000 bikers showed up, along with The Hooter Girls and all sorts of folks trying to sell bike stuff.

    Tomorrow wifey and I will probably go on a long ride with four experienced bikers -- two our next-door neighbors who ride big Harley's, and our Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor and her boyfriend, who ride big BMWs. Lots of fun!


  • TMS


    Mountain oysters? I presume an unmentionable part of the pig anatomy!


  • AlanF

    Bull, actually.


  • hillary_step


    A beautiful post, thank you. You are one of the most consistently talented writers on this Board. I never seen you ever waste one evocative word.


    Cool stuff! There's a lot of comeraderie in motorcycling, alright! My wife and I recently bought bikes, and are riding as much as we're able -- not nearly enough!

    You are man of many dimensions...and some surprises.

    Best regards - HS

    PS - I have managed to lose your email address in a hard disk crash, and I have changed my phone number. Drop me a line when you have a chance and I will update you.

  • teejay

    A beautiful post... You are one of the most consistently talented writers on this Board.

    Absolutely no doubt about it. Easily one of the most talented writers I've ever read, period. A skill and talent that is rare indeed. I've always said it: Reading this man's words is like eating ice cream.

  • TMS

    Thanks teejay and hs

    I will miss the bikers. I will not soon forget the pride they seemed
    to feel, aware of all the eyes on their ride. The ladies on the sissy
    seats sat up tall, with their heads usually six inches above the

    My view is not shared by the "Winter Texans" living with us in the
    park. They are antsy to get back to their pursuit of kingfish, shark,
    red snapper, grouper, and amberjack.

    As with all of us, the real pleasure is in the retelling.


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