The Way They were (or still are??)

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    From our not so recent past, this quote from a book we studied at the book study:

    "This marked the beginning of a period of education in the written Word of God from the standpoint that bible prophecy is best understood after it has been fulfilled."

    ("Man's Salvation" book (1975) - page 191

    The mind boggles!

    Later in the same publication comes this:

    "The foretold ridiculers of the "last days" include prominent clergymen of Christendom. The idea of the ridicule is to cast doubt upon Bible prophecy or to unsettle the faith and conviction of Jehovah's Christian witnesses...........................They rely on the inability of God's word to fail..." (page 289)

    Notice the usual switcheroo in the WTS' writing? Yep, you got it, they protest the opposition of the clergy and then substitute doubt about the WTS with doubt about the Bible. Neat, eh? Dishonest? Of course! But isn't that what they usually do?

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    A Paduan

    Brings to mind something heard - "... get away from me..."

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