First Impressions of the Book "Captives of a Concept"

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  • Cameron

    "First impression: the book looks FANTASTIC! I wondered what kind of quality the cover would be, and it is absolutely FIRST CLASS! Lulu came thrulu! I hope the book finds its way into bookstores, because the cover wil certainly catch the eye.

    Second impression: I flipped through it real quickly.This may sound silly, but the book smells great! No kerosine/solvent cent. In fact, the smell is almost fruity, and I mean that in a good way. :)

    Third impression: WOW! This is a real PRINTED book! With ink, not toner! It's not a xerographic print. That's a real plus too, because electrostatic toner lacks the permanence of a printed page. The toner can transfer, page-to-page, and it can usually be scraped off with the "fingernail test." The solid black blocks are solid black, not solid dark gray. The halftones are flawless. I had wondered about what technology Lulu is using to output their hardcopy; it's the RIGHT technology, as far as I can see.

    In summary, it is a REAL book, and a real FINE book to boot. N.N."

    I sure hope N.N. likes what's in the book as much as he likes the physical book itself!


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