Student Refuses To Stand For Pledge

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  • Stephanus

    "She said it was against her religion to say the pledge. I said, That's fine.' I told her that basically, we stand anyway as a way to honor our nation."

    Do you think our Rachel is a Dub? If so, her bold defiance doesn't seem so bold, since that fact is not mentioned in the entire article. In fact, she seems to be "pleading the 5th" when she refuses to discuss the subject:

    In West Bend, Rachel said that on the first day of class, her teacher nodded at her to stand for the pledge but she shook her head. After class, she said he asked her repeatedly why she didn't stand. She told him she did not need to give a reason.

    Is this a further sign of the weakening hold of the WBTS over its young? That they'll still follow the rules but won't make themselves further targets by identifying themselves as Dubs?

    And would a Dub family call in this kind of outside help?

    The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which intervened at the family's request, said the school officials' actions amount to intimidation.

    "They were putting psychological and authoritarian pressure on her to conform," said foundation spokeswoman Annie Laurie Gaylor.

    Gaylor said her organization is naming the girl its "Student Activist of the Year" and will award her a $1,000 scholarship at its annual convention in Madison next month.

  • under74

    Hmmm...yeah, I was always told to say I was JW and usually give my teacher that pamphlet on why JWs don't pledge (don't remember what it was called). The more singled out and persucuted the better, right? But I was always told it was okay to stand, just couldn't say the words with my hand over my heart. I don't know whether it's a sign as to the organization losing it's grip though. I mean it could be but given the climate in the U.S. over the past 4 years some people might be apprehensive about mentioning they're JW in regards to what might be seen as un-patriotic. I went to school with some kids that were black muslim none of them saluted the flag either....maybe she's muslim?

  • Stephanus

    You could be right, Under74, there are other possible religious affiliations that could produce that belief. Christadelphians are a definite possible, as are their various spin-off groups, along with various adventist groups related to the Dubs. And militant Muslims are a possibility, too.

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