Pedro Martinez and Mahow!

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  • seeitallclearlynow

    I saw the movie The Island of Doctor Moreau years ago and I was intrigued by the character played by this little actor, Nelson de la Rosa, but I never thought any more about him after the movie, mainly because I thought he was a puppet! But today I read that Pedro Martinez has really taken a liking to him! So here he is. The team are "falling in love with him" according to Pedro.

    And here's another pic of him with Pedro:

    Here is one of him as a boy -

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Well all right then, I'm guessing just about everyone already knew about him long before I did! But I am really attracted to "little people."

    So anyway, I thought he was great.

  • confusedjw

    This is funny. Yes, Pedro had him come to the club house and he was a hit. Isn't he like the world's smallest man? 28" high I think? Lucky guy gets to get into the Red Sox locker room and live it up with the ballplayers.

    I think they need Mahow to come back and give them the edge against those Damn Yankees. We are down 0-2 and our ace pitcher is out.

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