JWs mentioned on Air America

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  • jws

    Just heard Randi Rhodes on Air America Radio mentioning JWs. She said:

    Jehovah's Witnesses are like the wildest people in the world because they always want to add more Jehovah's Witnesses. But only 144,000 will actually go to heaven according to their doctrine. And I never understood, why would you want a whole crowd, if only 144,000 are getting in? To me, it's like, I'd keep it to myself.
  • hillbilly

    ya know... all those folks I button-holed on front porches... that's what they heard...

    Hill (no wonder it didnt make sense, duh! class)

  • Lostreality

    because they dont want 100 people to haveto "clean up the earth after the Big A"

    they want millions of people to scoop the bodies of their families into burning piles of flesh and bone....

    it appears ive taken this too far...

    *shuts up*

  • under74

    I hadn't quite looked at "the great crowd" as a slave clean up crew-kind of makes sense. when I was 8 I remember thinking of lies or excuses to give after Armegeddon to get out of cleaning up the dead and being really angry I wasn't annointed.

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