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  • MelbaToast


    After spending some time catching up on threads, my overall thoughts are leaning way toward the negative side. We all need some love in our lives. (ok, I've been listening to the Beatles too much)

    Think of one good thing outside of this board that you have done for someone else- give yourself a pat on the back!

    Regardless of your present beliefs, do you believe that good things come to those who make an effort to do good things? (eg Karma?) How bout the bad? One of my main philosophies that I believe in is that if you do evil to someone, there is an equal force that bad things will happen to you. Do you think that this philosophy holds true in your life?

    And please, be gentle, for I am but still a newbie, and always in the process of bettering myself as a person.


    Melba of the "I want to hear from you" class

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I would love that there were. But for now, I personally don't think there's any karma. Too many innocent kids around the world get a horrible existence all their lives with no justice of any kind. I've also personally seen alot of cold cruel people who've died without having been cut down to size.

    I think that sort of ...an accounting ... can only really come through those of us who take up the hard task of that role, as individuals and as collectives. Sometimes even with good intentions, we mess things up...People are faulty agents of "karma" but this runt is glad at least they're around.

  • frenchbabyface

    No I don't think that life is fair ... we are interdependant (you can pay others bills all your life - look at the third world for instance - as wide example). That is why it is very hard to me to hear/know/think about bad things that you know that those who are responsible never paid and will never pay for it ... but It's life we have to deal with that

    Also I've heard a lot about people who think that your conscious will always come to bother you if you did wrong ... Well not everybody : cause it depends of the state of peoples heart and their concious or denial of others. (I've got lots of examples that I've heard about and in my own familly - like my father (this guy lives happily, till now and he tells you !!!))

    Also I don't believe in the too good (to be true somehow also too good to be good) cause sometimes we need to fight against something ... and fighting is fighting ... "shake the tree" or "give a slap" (really or verbaly) you can't just let people go on and on and on and let them forget about what they did ...

    I've read for instance Vicky Boer talking about her father saying : he can't get IT (he is not amnesic - and christian ???) if his fellows wasn't acting like nothing happen and slap him (really or verbally) he would get IT or at least would be treated the way he deserve to be treated to not at least being able to say sorry to his daughter. But no ... So ... (for who and what is working his conscience)

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