747 CRASH at Halifax International Airport

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  • Special K
    Special K

    A 747 Cargo plane crashed off the end of my airport 4 am this morning. Halifax International, Nova Scotia.

    Apparently landed and refueled. Briefly got back into the air and then crashed off the south/west end of the runway into a quarry. They were carrying a load of fish and seafood bound to Spain.

    It's 7:30 am now and they are still trying to get all the fires out. No word on the 7 crew members.

    The airports in and out flights are still closed down.

    I hate waking up to this kind of news. It always makes me feel panicky.

    Special K

  • shera

    Oh gezzzz,hate stuff like this....very sad.

  • Scully

    They were just showing clips from the crash site on the morning news.

    They are really trying not to speculate too much on the cause right now.

  • ozziepost

    It's not being reported downunder, but from the BBC World site:

    Cargo aircraft crashes in Canada
    A cargo plane has crashed on take-off from Halifax, Canada, leaving all seven crew members feared dead.

    The Ghana-registered MK Airlines Boeing 747 plane crashed into a quarry at the end of the runway at about 0340 local time (0740 GMT), Canadian media says.

    Canadian radio said a local hospital had called off its code orange alert - suggesting no survivors are expected.

    An MK Airlines spokesman said the crew were Zimbabwean and South African, but some reports say they included Britons.

    The cause of the crash is unknown.

    The airline spokesman told PA news agency the Sussex, UK-based company was still trying to get information about the crash and was sending a team to Nova Scotia.

    The news agency Associated Press reported a witness, Peter Lewis, as telling radio station CJCH he had been dropping off his wife at the airport when he saw two explosions.

    "As we were approaching we saw what I thought was heat lighting 'cause I told everyone in the car that we've got heat lightning in the sky," Mr Lewis said.

    "That was only a quick one followed by a second one that was bigger. And then we seen a very bright orange light, and I mean bright. It took up the whole sky."

    The plane is reported to have been carrying tractors and seafood when it crashed.

  • Double Edge
  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    All 7 have Died.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Yes, confirmed that all 7 crew members are dead.

    Response by emergency crews was examplary.

    3 minutes to get to end of run way. Because of their concern for any survivors they crashed their emergency vehicles through the barriers at the end of the run way to get to the crash site.

    Very sad.

    Special K

  • StinkyPantz

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