Don't ya just love it when...

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  • onacruse

    ...somebody cuts you off in traffic, squeezing in right in front of your bumper, and you see this wonderful little "fishie" decal on the back of their car?

    Sorta like JWs, madly rushing home from an assembly, with Watchtower and Awake magazines plastered up in the rear view window (or, better yet, a license plate that says YHWH...LOL), cutting in and out of traffic, as they hurry on to the next MacDonald's to get their kids a super-sized meal and shut them up with french fries. LOL (Been there, done that, eh?)

    Me, I'm just an old slow, block people off as much as possible, and laugh when some "loser in a Lexus," "jerk in a Jag," or "turd in a Ford" tries to get a leg up, only to get stopped at the same red light as I do.

  • DanTheMan

    Darwin Fish / Jesus Fish Parody I've been thinking about getting this one for my car LOL

  • ohiocowboy

    I think this would fit my style....


  • WildHorses

    What I hate is when someone speeds up to pass you only to slow down after they do to make a right turn. Why can't they just wait the few extra seconds it will take them if they stay behind you? This happens to me quit a bit.

  • onintwo

    Well...since we're pet-peevin'.

    How about the driver who circles the WalMart parking lot six times trying to find a spot near the door? Blocking the aisles for anyone else who may want to travel down it? My wife and I always grit our teeth.

    The weather can be beautiful, but these nut cases will sit there in their overheating Ford Excursion's waiting for some shopper to finish loading their purchases.

    We always give them a cheesy grin as we walk by after having parked a few stalls down. They're still sitting there on their fat asses waiting.

    My God! Don't these people ever figure out that once they're in the store they'll probably walk thousands of feet? What's six or seven car stalls. Maybe eighty feet?


  • Nosferatu

    I want this one:

  • drwtsn32
  • drwtsn32
  • minimus

    Ona, when I've seen the fish decal, I never connected it with a JW experience. It just goes to show how you still have a JW connection, huh?

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