anyone seen the new eminem parody of Michael Jackson?

by gypsywildone 6 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • gypsywildone

    What did ya think? Foxnews just ran it.

  • kls

    I saw parts of it this morning on the Today show and actually i thought it was pretty funny especially when the y showed Eminem ( Michael Jackson) nose falls off on the floor and he is scrambling to get it. From what i have heard Michael Jackson was complaining about the video and BET said they will no longer air it.

  • 95stormfront

    I saw it today and was hysterical with laughter.

  • gypsywildone

    Sometimes Eminem can be a rude little bastard, but I think he's very talented. It was a riot! eminem all duded up in MJ glittery clothes, dancing like MJ, etc. I heard MJ is threatening to sue & insisting the channels don't play it.

  • StinkyPantz

    I LOVE Eminem, but this particular song I don't care for much. The video, on the other hand.. is funny

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    I think that, as usual, Eminem is getting the free publicity that he craves and advetising for his new record.

    Whatever works for him, I guess. The press keeps giving it to him!

  • Stefanie

    I thought it was funny.

    IT has been on MTV2 for a couple of days already and i crack up each time they play it.

    I think the Peewee laugh is a bit over the top, and gets annoying after a couple of seconds..

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