Please let it be cancer! Please let it be cancer!

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  • Elsewhere

    I watched a new show the other day called "Saved!". It is a great show (Comedy / Drama) that shows the lives of some Born-Again teens and their families.

    At one point a girl gets it in her head that Jesus wants her to "save" her gay boyfriend by having sex with him. Never having received any form of sex education she does not use any protection. Later on she is watching a movie about a woman who survived cancer. Some of the symptoms the woman said she had was waking up sick and having missed her period for a few months. This gets the girl's attention and she runs to a pharmacy and steals a home pregnancy test (being the good little Born Again she could NEVER be seen buying such a thing).

    The next scene is of her riding her bike home saying: "Please let it be cancer! Please let it be cancer!"

    Ahhh yes... it never fails to amaze me just how screwed up some of these Hyper-Holy people can be.

  • bebu

    You are taking a movie script for reality?

    Undoubtedly such people exist, but accepting it as a stereotype is NOT good.


  • hubert

    I have a real problem with movies....Like, when Chuck Norris goes into a hangar, or warehouse, with an 8 shot pistol, shoots 40 guys that are shooting at him with machine guns, and I think he didn't even get scratched, or maybe he got an arm wound. Yeah, right !!

  • RunningMan

    I think we all realize that movies are just movies and TV is just TV. However, sometimes, if a story is well written, it rings true.

    This story illustrates a mind set that we have all seen before - not in these specific circumstances, but in principle. A young person can be so fearful of condemnation, that a terminal illness would be preferable, at least in their short term view. Heck, people have committed suicide under difficult circumstances. It's not impossible to imagine a person who wants to escape from their circumstances so badly that they wish for a terminal illness.

  • Scully

    I rented "Saved!" last week too. The group dynamics portrayed reminded me a lot of "Mean Girls", but with an aggressive-Christian stereotype slant.

    I'm still not sure if I'd see it again. In some ways it reminded me of certain cliques at the Kingdom Hall.

    Love, Scully

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    That scene was hilarious. The movie's a satire - therefore, the stereotypes are exaggerated. I recommend it - very funny, especially Mandy Moore's self-righteousness.

  • Badger

    Within humor lies a grain of truth...

    ---I forget who said it.

  • candidlynuts

    lolol.. reminds me of my third child.. i was sick for 4 mos finally went to the dr knowing i was dying of stomach cancer... nope.. was preggers.. still call that kid my lil tumor.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I see this TV script as being too real.

    When one of my neice's was 13 she was running away from home and staying out all night partying. I asked my mom is anyone has talked to Kim about sex and birth control? "..Oh no! We couldn't do that! It would be condoning her actions!" I told my mom that if no one made her responsible for her actions, she was going to end up pregnant. She had her first kid at 14. 2nd pregnancy at 15 she had a secret abortion. 3rd pregnancy, and a kid at 17. 4th pregnancy and kid at 19 and the doctor (different one) finally told her how she could get pregnant and about birth control! She didn't know if he pulled out before ejaculation she could still get pregnant. And of course education about birth control was just condoning her actions.

    Damned fundamentalist Christian right. Look at the lives it's destroyed.


  • Leolaia

    One of my favorite movies is Election with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon, partly because it had such good well-written characters that rang true.

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