Bob Geldof fights for Fathers Rights...

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  • bull01lay

    Did anyone see the documentary last night on C4 - hopefully highlighting the plight of many fathers over here in the UK!!

    I watched it in tatters.... it brought back some very painful memories, and reminded me of the precariousness of my own 'contact' with my little girl. It also reminded me of the unnacceptable prejudism towards men in the so called "Family Law".

    In a society that demands equal rights for women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, lesbians, disabled... people seem to have forgotten about 'ordinary' men. Fathers!. Hell, even criminals have more rights than fathers seperated from their children.

    One sentence in the whole program summed up the tightlipped 'british' attitude towards men in this country. During his own courtroom dramas, Bob was given the following 'advice' by a wellwisher from the courts: -

    "Don't tell the Judge that you LOVE your children. They feel it's too 'Extreme' for a man to express his feelings towards children"

    Are we all hairy brutes with a monster in our trousers ???

    My thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to Corvin right now - I couldn't help thinking about his situation whilst watching other men breaking down infront of the cameras, baring their souls and making gut wrenching revelations about their own personal tragedies.

    Hoping things change....


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Unfortunetly I see too many mothers that have anything but the interests of their children at heart, and yet the father is negated as the boogy man.

    Or, on the flip side of what is seen...the mother, again, has no skills in basic home care and the father comes in after his "duty" as $$$ provider just too clean the house and tend the children.

    I've been absent from this board for many months and just recently began reading. Although I'm not familiar with much of Corvin's heart swelled up two sizes too big for the children involved.

    It is time to end such ignorant thinking about the role fathers play in their children's life - no matter what country. American "justice" ain't always so just either.


  • Mecurious?

    It is time to end such ignorant thinking about the role fathers play in their children's life - no matter what country. American "justice" ain't always so just either.

    Amen. And its about time someone seen the light!

  • Corvin

    Granny, thank you for this post.

    It seems to be true that fathers have fewer rights when it comes to their children.

    There is an organization here in California called "Father's Rights" which helps husbands and fathers, both, to develop a litigation strategy best suited to their needs and the needs of their children to deal with difficult and stressful issues surrounding custody, divorce, support and property division issues pending in the California court system.

    I have not made avail of the organization, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

    I do not understand why physcologists, social workers and judges automatically think children are better off in the custody of their mother. With the alimony and child support laws as they exist today, it puts a terrible burden on the man to virtually support two households. He kills himself to keep from going to jail and gets very little access to his children. It is terribley one-sided and bodes well for women with harmful intentions (not saying that all women have harmful intentions).


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