New change in abuse policy?

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  • XQsThaiPoes

    A family member that is a elder told us that now two spousal abuse charges (filed with the police) is a dfing offense for the abuser, and that they are free to remarry (I assume he means the elders won't df the victim for adultry). I assume this is local elder margin of your PA book eddicts. Because the watchtowers official stance has not changed. The reason he told us was to warn a family member about their spouse bait them into abuse*. So I am taking this as accurate info at least for our circuit.

    *I am not going to explain more about their problems, and i am not blaming the victim, but it is the case of who did what first/ self defense type thing that takes too much analization to figure out who is the victim. If you want a clean JW divorce under this new policy it is easy for a person to orcastrate a violent incident by "acidentaly" spiting on, violent gesturing, pretending to hit, or what ever.

  • FairMind

    I find it hard to believe that this new policy rumor is true since the Bible clearly states that "fornication" (however that is defined) is the only scriptural grounds for divorce with the possibility of marrying another. I certainly am not for a marraige pardner staying is an abusive marriage and neither do I beliueve is God. However, for anyone to say that abuse constitutes scriptural grounds for divorce and FREES ONE TO MARRY ANOTHER is apostasy from God word (not that the WTS hasn't done this before).

    I also have never heard of individual circuits being given leaway to deviate from WT teachings. I know that this does happen in an unofficial way, even between congregations in the same circuit, but certainly not with HQ approval.


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