Who are the crouches?

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  • IronGland

    The opening salvo has been fired! A two-page article discussing the
    "secret double life" of Paul and Jan Crouchhas appeared in the
    September 9, 1997 issue of The Globe. And while it is the first one, it
    is virtually certain not to be the last. It could be a long, hard

    In pertinent part, the Globe story alleges that Paul and Jan Crouchare the Christian version of Bill and Hillary -- trapped in a marriage
    of convenience. That they live in separate mansions ... and Jan is more
    often in the company of muscular twenty-something bodyguards who
    "hand-feed [her, and she them] hors d'oeurves and fruit." That just
    like Tammy Faye before her,Jan is more at home in Bloomingdale's than a
    prayer room, and has had her face "pulled back so many times you could
    bounce a quarter off her cheeks." And that while Paul and Jan "own
    several expensive motorcycles," and Jan "loves nothing more than hanging
    out with her wild, tattooed biker friends," they cancelled Pat Boone's
    show because he was "representing a bad element."

    I rather suspect it was because Pat stole her favorite biker
    outfit.... :)

    The most intriguing part of the story was an independent confirmation
    of what we have been hearing for some time: that son Matt was not at all
    happy with the moral meltdown at TBN. You may recall that Matt produced
    Bob Larson's show; working in close quarters with BegBoy probably
    convinced him that TBN was in serious trouble. It's the old 'frog in
    the pot' scenario: Turn up the heat too fast, and he'll jump.
    It is more likely than not that Matt has already inked a
    'kiss-and-tell' book deal -- after all, his last name _IS_ ,Crouch and
    if you threw the kind of money at him that a major publisher would be
    capable of throwing, he could start singing like Beverly Sills. Besides,
    after working with pond-scum like Larson, the guy probably _NEEDS_ a
    cathartic, if not an industrial-strength enema. Matt might as well take
    the money and run, because he's not going to be the only one in that
    From what I understand, some of the 'rats' are already starting to
    make plans to jump ship. Benny Hinn has reportedly been making noises
    about moving to secular TV, and has already distanced himself from the
    Counterfeit Revival. There are enough "disgruntled ex-employees" out
    there to finally reach critical mass, and one or two are pretty sure to
    end up with lucrative book deals. And the mainstream media undoubtedly
    won't be far behind....

    The Crouches' lawyer denied it all ... but, then again, that's what
    lawyers DO. ;)

    For TBN, the two-page spread in The Globe is potentially more damaging
    than a network expose, since many of their financial contributors are
    regular readers. :)

    Since the good folks at TBN have been uncharacteristically ungracious
    in failing to respond to my earlier inquiries, I have cc'd their VP of
    Engineering, Ben Miller. Ben, how _DOES_ TBN justify keeping pond-scum
    like Bob Larson on the air, when it kicked the (comparatively)
    squeaky-clean Pat Boone off, when he really hadn't done anything wrong?

  • Satanus

    I would love to read the upcoming chapters on bob larceny. If jesus came, bob's money table would be overturned right quick like, his demons cast out. He would be repenting in polyester and ashes.


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    When we had television hooked up it was disgusting flipping through the channels and seeing those people. {Sorry, but they can turn the stomach sour} At the same time these tele-jesus freaks are a good reminder from whence I came. Truth has little to do with generating untold millions from the believers.

    Years ago I read a good book by Austin Miles entitled, "Don't Call Me Brother..." his experience with the PTL Club during the Baker heyday. It helped me to realize it wasn't just the JW's that hide behind money and control of the flock. So, when I first saw this Crouche (sp) couple doing the same hideous side show...yada yada yada.

    Thanks for the juicy news though. Truth is stranger then fiction.


  • Dogpatch

    It's amazing. I could see this coming years ago when I was on their show. I had done a number of early morning half-hour slots on TBN on the JWs, and I heard that Paul and Jan would not let Walter Martin on the show because he was so critical of them and their teachings (or lack thereof). I gave a copy of my books, "Defending the Faith and Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses," to the guy that interviewed me and he passed them on to Jan. Jan read them and asked me on the main "Praise the Lord" show. I still have all those old recordings on video. :-))

    But the opulence and hollyweirdness of the place was pretty scary. The makeup room was a riot!


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  • HappyDad

    Can't remember where I recently saw on TV about them. In western PA we don't get TBN but there was a report about it. It seems that two of my childhood heroes put in a tremendous $$$ donation to it because they believed in what the Crouches were doing.

    Goes to show that even 'heroes' are imperfect.

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were had! They put too much of their Christian faith in flesh and blood charlatans.

    "Happy Trails To You"


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