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  • pratt1

    Do you think that Reality TV has gone too far?

    I recently saw a advertisment for a new show that features very overweight people trying to lose weight. If they do not lose weight they are kicked off the show. These people seem to be both physically and emotionally broken to begin with. Imagine how they are going to feel if they fail at losing weight.

    It almost seems as if we are being entertained by the misfortune of others.

    Any comments?

  • BeelzeDub
    Do you think that Reality TV has gone too far?

    With out a doubt!

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I assume they are willing participants. Either way, I lost interest in television long ago. I find it mostly crap now. Even the news is full of emotional hype with all this fake head bobbing nonsense. The only shows I enjoy are the silly mindless comedies like Sienfeld reruns and Friends reruns and Everybody Loves Raymond which don't make any pretentions about trying to come off as real.

  • jws

    Well, if they are signing up to be on the show and they know what it is, they share some of the responsibility in the effect on their lives. If there's a big prize, it sounds like a great motivation. No doubt many will lose some weight whether they win the final prize or not. That may make them feel better about themselves.

    But I'm just sick of "reality TV" in the first place. I used to like some of them, but I'm so sick of it now. Give me a drama. Give me a plot. Give me a compelling story from a writer over a bunch of people gossiping about each other. If it's a game show (and that's what most of these boil down to), do the contests or whatever. I don't need to learn what these people's personalities are and hear them gossip about each other. Show what they're doing to lose weight and have the weigh-in every week and show who gets voted out.

    Recently I'm hooked on "Lost". It looks like it's leaning towards some sci-fi/horror film. Aside from the "monster" on the island, this is what I wanted to see from Survivor - a bunch of people stranded on an island trying to survive, not backstab each other.

  • DaCheech

    I like some reality TV, such as Survivor or Big Brother. But the dating shows and these misfortune ones are crap!

    I like CSI... most of them and Star Trek

  • Satanus

    I stopped watching tv before this stuff came on. Where will the slide end?


  • Dawn

    It would be kind of fun to watch a spin off on reality tv - say someone who was still "in" the JW's was willing to document their life and exit from the JW's complete with judicial hearing and all - using hidden cameras of course, so only the exiting JW knew everything would soon be on a weekly episode. THAT's a reality show I'd watch.

  • pratt1

    Dawn, I agree.

    Or how about a show switching the wives of a Dub and "worldly person".

    That's a show I would watch.

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