Another Delicious Canadian Thanksgiving

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  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    In keeping with our family practice of celebrating on Sunday and using the holiday Monday to allow for a psyllium fiber treatment, we had a wonderful dinner this evening. We'll be eating left overs for a many days. To my fellow Canadians who celebrated this wonderful seasonal weekend, once again: Happy Thanksgiving!

  • candidlynuts

    do canadians have turkey or moose ? whale? bear? hehe

    glad you had a good holiday and enjoy the leftovers.

  • joenobody

    Funny stuff candidly. We club seals of course and eat their meat on Thanksgiving like our forefathers did.

    Actually a Canadian Thanksgiving is probably virtually identical to US Thanksgiving except there is no NFL football. I celebrate that one too!

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    You it's the same food as you Americans eat for Thanksgiving. We did have something a little different this year. We had the usual Thanksgiving turkey but we also had Wild Boar.

  • ConcernedMom

    We do the big dinner on Sunday here too--so we can lie around on Monday, just being thankful for the extra day off with pay...

  • outnfree

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear Canadian friends!

    Glad some of you are already happily sated!

    It's Columbus Day here, but you'd hardly know it (except for the sales. ).


  • joenobody

    Same deal here. Dinner on Sunday (turkey) so that you can laze around on Monday (which I did). We went for Indian tonight on Thanksgiving proper.

  • Beans

    Dinner Sunday with all my wife's crazy Scottish family and Oktoberfest today in Kitchener! And to top it off a little protest in Georgetown!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving brothers and sisters!

  • Sentinel

    Last year in October, we ended up having Thanksgiving with relatives in Nova Scotia. We didn't actually realize it was "their" time to celebrate when we made out plans for the trip. When we arrived, we were invited to join everyone for a lovely meal at one of the local Inns there. I will always remember how beautiful the area was and how perfect the fall colors were as well.


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