Ozzie's Weekend Poll #115 - What if everyone was a dub?

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    How's the week been for you?

    Mrs Ozzie and I have enjoyed a very fine week away down in the southern capital of Australia - Melbourne. A beautiful city, so quiet, so beautiful with its many parks and so bloody cold and wet!!!!

    Anyway we enjoyed it immensely, especially our time with old friend, Prisca - well, not old but....well, we've known each other a long time, how about that?...anyway, we were able to catch up on family news. Yes, she's fine, but needs some surgery so we pray that goes well. What with her injury and my busted up hand, we felt like a couple of crocks....but we're not and firing well!

    So that brings us back home for the weekend and time to start thinking about our poll. You know that elections are on the minds of us downunder and you folks statesside so ...........

    .........................this weekend's poll question is..............................

    What do you think would happen at elections if everyone in your state was a Dub?

    1. There'd be no candidates???

    2. They'd disfellowship enough R&F so as apostates they could vote and form a government of worldy people.

    3. Ted Jarasz would appoint a committee.

    4. The latest Watchtower would claim that this was really the "new order"!

    5. Debates between the candidates would not be allowed.

    6. They'd encourage "interested persons" to move to "where the need was greater".

    7. They'd all leave! (Do ya think they'd really want to run all the services like sewerage, schools, roads, defense?)

    8. The Society would send a letter to BOE instructing them to stake out the polling booths to make sure that no "true christian" wavered.

    9. Crooklyn would start to arrange food parcels.

    10. The Society would claim that there must be many who were not "true christians" - kinda like the new "untrue christain class".

    11. Other (please detail)

    Fascinating, eh? Well, if you think enough about it, care to share your thoughts and let us know what your opinion is? And don't forget.....


    Cheers, Ozzie

  • blondie

    1,4, 6

    Actually, there are many JWs who work for state, city, county, village, town government as well as the school systems. There are JWs that work as firefighters, EMTs.

    Any political party people would be from out of state trying to find party members.

    Even though elected positions would be vacant, my experience as a government worker is that things would continue as usual with the unelected employees running things.

    It would create some repercussions politically as there would be no one to represent your state's interests in Congress and the othe 49 states would take your state's cut of the monetary pie. Maybe the WTS would supplement it, hahaha.


  • hillbilly

    Brother Ozzie---

    Now you know that that scenario would be nirvana. A precurser to the wonderful new system without the toothless lions to pet.

    Everyone in that town would have clean windows and all the shops would be full of people drinking coffee and underlining magazines for Sundays meeting. An the towels would me all so fluffy....

    After years of reading the Awake all the poulation would have above average eduacation an manual skills sets so maintaining the ifrastructure of the community would be a snap. After all if a group of JW's can overhaul a civic auditorium for a convention overnight changing a power plant generator should be a snap... and because they are all so law abiding and careful, fire and crime will disappear.

    Hill (really, I'd build a big chain link fence around the place and hope they dont dig under it class)

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I think the GB would change policy to suit the new situation and allow for voting but only in that state. A puppet would be voted in who would be accountable to the GB Jehovah the Legal Department in Brooklyn Georgetown Georgetown and Brooklyn. Information would be tightly supressed covered-up controlled.

  • cyberguy

    Okay OZ, this is like the ?Twilight Zone? movie-series on US-TV! Oh yea, duh-da-duh-da duh-da-duh-da? Anyway, I wouldn?t wait up "late-night," worrying about this, since this will NEVER happen in reality! However, it is a little stimulating to ?think? about it! Thanks for this mind-mill! (is this a Star Trek expression, or what??hehe)

    Loving regards,


  • ozziepost
    this will NEVER happen in reality! However, it is a little stimulating to ?think? about it!

    Yep, but there was method in the madness in picking this poll question! Ya see, it seems to me that such a scenario has to be applied to the Dub's position - after all, shouldn't their policies be logical and consistent?

    We know that such a thing is stretching the imagination a lot but maybe the WTS are relying on the 'fact' that they'll always be the underdog - they can't live with success!

    Cheers, Ozzie

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