The X Factor

by Brummie 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brummie

    Have you got it? Why?

    Rowetta to win the UK X factor, everytime she opens her mouth to sing she gives me goosebumps.sad en I?


  • ballistic

    I don't have the x-factor. I play the piano and am learning the guitar but it's purely for my own pleasure. To be honest I've not even appeared on my own web cam yet.

  • glitter

    No X-Factor in me.

    I saw Rowetta (when she was with the Happy Mondays) on Top of the Pops 2 late last night.

    She is BARKING mad, but she can definitely sing. There's no-one I'm really attached to yet this time around - I *really* liked Suzanne (blonde, husky voice, massive smile, dressed like an explosion in a charity shop) on last year's Pop Idol - so I'll keep watching and see who stands out.

  • Brummie

    I think being able to play piano is a real talent that I havent got.

    Looks like its only you and I watching it then glitter! Yes she can sing, the first round of finalist was class, I never watched pop idol/strs but this one is real interesting.

    Rowetta sang a duff song this time round but she is still the best. I hope that male vocalist group doesnt win or tabby!

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