Delivery tip?

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  • FMZ

    Yep, I am still new to this American tipping stuff, and I want to order some chinese to be delivered...

    Do you tip the delivery guy? How much? Hmmmm....


  • FMZ

    lol, I found this interesting site to answer my question:


  • LittleToe

    You've lived there three years and only just got round to ordering delivered takeout for yourself, that your American wife doesn't buy?











  • confusedjw

    "Don't piss into the wind"


    "Don't mix your blues" (as in clothes)

  • iiz2cool

    I've always tipped the pizza guy, but I wonder if I should, since there is a charge added on to the bill.


  • Quotes

    A friend once worked as a pizza delivery guy.

    They get paid next-to-nothing. From their perspective, the tips are important.

    So, TIP AWAY!!!

    ~Quotes, of the "Generous Tipper" class

  • Amazing1914

    I tip the delivery person because they often work for minimum wages, and so tips are very important to them. Also, they often drive their own vehicles, and pay for their own gasoline. So, I am generous to about 20%. - Jim W.

  • Valis

    FMZ! STFU!!!!!!!!

    *LOL* Oi! Hey mate, if the delivery is timely and all my food is there I will tip about 15% or a little more. If I get sass when I call or they are over their own delivery time I may give a dollar or two. It may not be the delivery driver's fault, but one thing is a constant in the service business...crap does roll down hill...


    District Overbeer

  • cruzanheart

    I tip because I appreciate not having to go pick it up myself. I remember something a dear old English gentleman told me back in 1987 or so, when he was faced with the amazing idea of a "drive-thru" window at McDonald's: "And do they have a window where they feed it to you then?" Of course, "take-away" hit England shortly thereafter, as did nail bars and probably a few other things that we take for granted but look like the height of laziness to people in other countries.

    Nina (who likes her creature comforts)

  • FMZ

    Thanks for the hints...

    It turned out that the delivery guy was an old chinese dude... who didnt understand English, or the money system. I gave him a 20 (it cost $12.50).. and he didn't know how to sort the change, I ended up just asking for 5 back and told him to keep the change as a tip.


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