what is that stanley theater used for?

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  • candidlynuts

    i might have the name of the theater wrong..

    a few years ago after saving for years.. my sis went on a tour of the nyc witness sites.. bethel and that theater etc..

    she said that seeing that theater made her wonder why they'd renovate such a fancy place when its so hard for her and her family to donate what they can and having to live in an old trailer to raise 3 kids etc..she said this not in a bitter way.. just wondering.. i didnt think much of it back then but now i do.

    what do they use it for? do they rent it out? use it exclusively as an assembly hall?

  • candidlynuts

    just wanted to add.. the witnesses that got up that tour (and i dont know if this is standard) but they scheduled the LAST place they went as the holocaust museum in washington on the way home to see artifacts about the persecuted witnesses of ww2. which is what she came home dwelling on. how she'd hope she'd stay as faithful as those in germany did.

  • Quotes

    As far as I know, it's stated purpose is for Circuit Assemblies.

    I suspect its unstated purpose is twofold: tax write-offs, and equity/captial appreciation.

    ~Quotes, of the "MBA's make the best cult leaders" class

  • blondie

    The Stanley Theater was built in 1928 and restored by the WTS and renamed the Jersey City Assembly Hall. As was stated, circuit assemblies are held there and some forreign language DCs. At one time the Gilead graduations were held there but now they are held at Patterson and attendees selected by lottery and the rest tied in by closed-circuit TV,

    It is a historic building and much of it was restored to the 1928 level. The inside auditorium is like an Italian courtyard and the ceiling is like the night sky with twinkling stars, a feature of the 1928 building. The chandeliers were in the original 1928 building and were taken from the old Waldorf Astoria Hotel that was torn down when the Empire State Building was built.


  • candidlynuts

    does it bother anyone that the luxury of that is so different than the average jw? most jw's i know live at or below the poverty line.

    i've never been there but if it bothered my selfless sis to the point that she was uncomfortable about her contributions.it must really be something.

  • DaCheech

    It is huge!

    There are Circ. conv, D.C., and best of all the annual meeting of the shareholders whatever

  • blondie

    It is right up there when the government spends my tax dollars on expensive furniture and doodads.

  • Kenneson

    If you don't thing it's opulent, take a look at the pictures on this link:


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