Rutherford's House

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  • DebraDoll

    That thread was quickly archived and I was wondering if anyone got a chance to see pictures of the place? I am forever haunted by recurring dreams of finding it. One of my short stories in which I speak of it, was recorded on audio cassette by Debra Wilson, formerly of MadTV!

  • Leolaia

    Very, very interesting! Do you have any old stories or reminiscenes that ppl in the locality told about the old Judge?

  • Leolaia
    Leolaia you know Debra Wilson? Wow....I always said that she was the funniest person on that show....

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    The only one I ever heard about is the one in California...

    Wasn't the "House of Princes" in California? Or did I get mixed up..

    Didn't Rutherford live there?

    Better get my book out and read it again...


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