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  • unbeliever

    I just got out of a relationship recently and it's been kind of tough. I can see my ex setting up a profile and I wanted to see if he was over me already so I went looking to see if he set one up.

    While I was looking I came across the profile of a JW. I recognized him instantly. He had a crush on my sister way back in the day. I was reading it and he mentions nothing about being an actice JW.

    This is as far as he gets

    Attend Services:I'll tell you later
    Political Views:I'll tell you later
    Astrology:I'll tell you later

    What's with that I will tell you later BS? We have so many people come on here who are involved with active dubs having their hearts ripped out and we have this selfish dub on the prowl. It makes me sick.

    He's not good looking so hopefully he will not reel anyone in. If he does he should tell her in his first e-mail he is in a cult. Seeing that just pissed me off.

  • DanTheMan

    I'd say he must be at least somewhat on the fence if he is posting a singles profile on a public personals site.

    I gave up on JW women and started subscribing to personals sites before I was officially out.

    Too bad "weekly" is the highest level you can choose for the frequency of religious service attendance. JW's, Pentecostals, and the rest of the fundy gang need more than that!

  • Elsewhere

    I wonder if he is accounting for this in his FS Time report.

  • Ratboy

    "I'll tell you later" sounds like a default setting for unanswered questions on a web form.

  • DanTheMan
    "I'll tell you later" sounds like a default setting for unanswered questions on a web form

    On Yahoo Personals, "I'll tell you later" is a deliberate choice for an answer.

  • mkr32208

    I once found a local "super pioneer" elders daughter on a dating site it sounds like she had been pretty busy too!!! me being me I went and told everyone the link, now just when this starts to hit the fan (this is unreal) she is in a car wreck at 3am out with 3 worldy guys all of them drunk out of their MINDS and her boyfriend (that she met off this site) is killed in the wreck (very sad, for real not sarcastic) so now she has no reason to go "outside" she gets out of the hospital and "repents" doesn't even get demoted from being a pioneer... unreal stuff!

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