Where are they buried?

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  • HappyDad

    Hi everyone,

    For some reason I just wondered if anyone knows where the bigwigs of the borg are buried? We know about Russel and da Judge, but how about Freddie, Nathan and the others who have kicked the bucket?

    I know there is a cemetery at WT farm.......is it there they are rotting?


  • blondie

    I have visited that place, the Launching Pad...

    I do remember seeing Knorr there but Fred died some time after my last tour.

  • shera
    Launching Pad

    Good grief,I saw that on another site.How freaking odd.

  • blondie

    Shera, that is because most of the people buried there are of the "anointed" and expected to go to heaven immediately after dying. Thus the name. I pointed out that they had "launched" long before being interred so the name was inaccurate. They were launched, but did they go where expected to?

  • ezekiel3

    I'll back up Blondie that "The Launching Pad" is a common name for the GB burial site.

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