Parents, you think your kid has too many video games?

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  • drwtsn32

    Check out this ebay auction that has 1355 video games and accessories for sale.


  • Princess

    OMG, it would be like a candy store for Rhys.

    He hardly ever plays his gameboy anymore...thank god. I hate those things.

    We did buy him a couple of "TV games" for his birthday. They plug right in to the TV and come loaded with only a few games. It was appealing because the one is a joystick with Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Pole Position and some other game I haven't looked at yet. Playing Pole Position on my mother-in-law's big screen was down right addictive.

    Who did we buy those for? Oh yeah.

  • Stefanie

    My kid has 8 and i thought THAT was alot!

  • drwtsn32

    LOL @ Pole Position! I haven't played that game in like 20 years.

    I think I have about 20 console games. This picture looks more like doodle's house...they have a ton! LOL

  • DanTheMan

    What are these?

    Also, I noticed one glaring omission - no Vectrex!

  • drwtsn32


    Those are Super Nintendos! It's the second design that came out around the same time as the N64. Not nearly as common as the original design.

    Nintendo did the same thing for the original Nintendo. There's a second design that has a top-loading cartridge slot and controllers that are shaped more like the SNES ones. Again, kinda rare compared to the old classic NES design.

    Here's what it looked like:

  • morty


    Is that a Super Sega Genises?? thats my guess anyways...

    Did that ebayer sell that all those games yet? What did he get for it?

  • drwtsn32
    Did that ebayer sell that all those games yet? What did he get for it?

    Yep, the auction closed for $11,500!

    If you think that's a lot, I found an even bigger collection. The seller started bidding at $70,000 and has a $100,000 buy-it-now option. No one has bid yet.

    Ebay Auction Link

    This is just one shelf:

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