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  • candidlynuts

    Its amazing how a simple analysis of just the illustrations of wt publications can raise your eyebrows.

    this is from the last link of lees.

    Other pictures are sketched by artists and portray the beautiful world of post-Armageddon. These illustrations are always idealistic and utopian. Deliriously happy characters surrounded by emerald green slopes, clear blue skies and bright sunshine set the scene in the delineation of the world of Jehovah?s Witnesses. All artwork is presented in vivid colour and is designed to depict the theology in the most positive visual form. Some pictures show devotees in the New Kingdom reunited with their deceased loved ones, while others portray animals such as lions and tigers (presumably once wild and ferocious) at play, at rest, or being caressed by children. Future-oriented symbolism reminds Witnesses everywhere of their millenarian vision and impresses upon them the need to minister to others. This exaggerated version of contentment conveys a subtle but powerful message to all who peruse the literature - that infinite happiness, justice and peace can be achieved through membership of the Watch Tower movement.

    If positive images promote millenarian doctrines, negative ones warn of the presence of evil in the world. The same publications are filled with pictures of women being murdered, children abusing drugs, thieves breaking into houses, heretics worshipping idols and couples acting promiscuously - all of which show life outside the movement as debased. Unlike the pictures of millenarian bliss, these images are presented in dark colour and portray characters with unattractive features. This antithesis of salvation on the inside and depravity on the outside suggests that there can be nothing in-between the two systems and that it is impossible for morality to exist beyond the Watch Tower community. This depiction of sin contrasts sharply with millenarian idealism and the doctrine of salvation.

  • Jankyn

    Thanks for the heads-up, Spider.

    Since these are all dated the same year, they're probably papers that came from the guy's thesis/dissertation research. Generally, a thesis or dissertation is broken into chapters which can then be published independently as journal articles before being brought together as a book. Great way to build up a cv for employment/promotion.


    Edited to add: I've read through the first couple; pretty interesting. I did notice that he mistook Raymond Franz for his uncle Fred; he's got Ray Franz becoming president of the WTBS in 1977. Oh, what an interesting alternative universe that must be!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The above articles are still active but rather hard to find because the site has been moved and the separate links above for each paper simply take you to the home page.

    BUT I found the link that will take you to all the online papers. Scroll down to the "H"s

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