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  • Nosferatu

    My wife was telling me last night that she had met a girl, age 21 in her class who is an ex-JW. This girl had DAed herself, and is now being shunned by her parents. She had called her mother to tell her that she is engaged, and her mother told her "I'm not happy for you". My wife asked her if she believes their doctrines, and she responded that she was really confused about the whole thing. My wife got her phone number.

    I may ask her to invite this girl over, and maybe give her some support (and show her COC). It's really sad how this "religion" screws with people's lives.

  • shotgun

    Way to go Mrs Nosferatu

    So many who have left over the years still have feelings of guilt because on some level they still think it's the (truth) and they are not worthy or can't live up to the standards required...free yet not free.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Nos You are going to turn your lovely wife into a card-carrying anti-Witness. Bravo for her .She is a very smart woman. Gotta get her new "friend" to come to one of the meet-ups when other people show up.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I work with a guy whose cousin is a JW and has left his parents home to pursue an education and get married to a Catholic girl. He is being shunned; and I feel for him. It is a similar situation to my own many years ago.

    The guy I work with ( catholic) is APALLED by what he sees the JW side of the family doing to their son. This is not a Christian example. Despite all the JW preaching door to door about their love and christian concern ; it is exmples like this which the community remembers. A a very negative one it is.

  • Odrade

    Good for your wife... very warm-hearted too. I'm sure you both can help her if she lets you. The perspective of someone who has been there has great value--as evidenced by sites like this. But even more so, the viewpoints of someone who never was JW who has upclose and personal look in-- like your wife. Sometimes that's the best way for new x-jws to really understand that they are not crazy, the religion really IS totally f'ed up.


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