It's Like A Heatwave!!!

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    I think my impromtu visit to the extreme southern region of southwestern Ontario this past August, has remained with me.

    Across the river: Detroit, Michigan, USA.

    Where I was: Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

    It was awesome, heading to Canada's most southerly region. Essex-Kent counties.

    My ex-JW buddy accompanied me (cherry). His great-grandparents were from that region of SW Ontario. Some lovely Michigan exJWs made their way across the river: Outnfree & kidneybean. They are/were awesome.

    I dunno, but everytime I get into one of my MOTOWN modes, I think of this part of SW Ontario. Right across the river: DETROIT. Home of Motown and so much more.

    My mind brings me to old cars/vehicles from that time. The 1950s and early 1960s.

    In my avatar, I included a car that I remember fondly: 1962 Ford Galaxie 500.

    I remember seeing some old black & white video footage of the First Lady (J. Kennedy) stepping out of a light coloured Ford Galaxie 500.

    Anyone have any of a car from the year of their birth?

    Rayzorblade: born half way between Detroit and Toronto. Not bad..not bad at all.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I love me a Mercury,

    Lawd I'm crazy 'bout a Mercury!

    Gonna find me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road!

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